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“The short film, starring Kelvin Drama, Angus L Whinfield & Danny Gavigan, is about a heartbroken man who travels into the past for a second chance at a failed relationship. It’s a story about grief and the determination of the human mind to regain happiness.” -Chad Eric Smith

Are you ready for something unique? Yes? Well then, Check. Are you ready for a short film that is thought out and visually captivating? I know, me too, double CHECK. I have great news. Chad Eric Smith’s short film RUMINATION is for you.

You need to dive deep into the state of mind of a griever and his unique way of dealing with the loss of his girlfriend Monique (who is beautifully portrayed with a mysterious undertone by the talented, Angus L. Whinfield).  One cannot talk about this film without recognizing the cast of three that pulled at my heart and mind strings from beginning to the very end. With the likeness of Christopher Nolan’s Inception, and Netflix’ Black Mirror, I was obviously intrigued from the start but Smith’s RUMINATION still had its own unique take on sci-fi which kept me interested.

The casting is nothing short of great with the introduction of Kelvin Drama’s Elliott. The griever. Kelvin Drama automatically transcends into Elliott from beginning to end. We see the pain that is felt by the loss of Whinfield’s Monique and yet the decisions he takes in life to overcome that is felt on a range of emotions as well. Elliott is the guy you root for. Or actually…maybe you don’t. That is the great thing about this film. We all have our own ways of dealing with grief and how we perceive others who are dealing with it as well. Seeing the events taking place along with flashbacks interwoven seamlessly throughout the film, you may begin to wonder the lengths that one may really be willing to go. Or not go. This leads us to Danny Gavigan who vibrantly delivers his character Renard to the screen. Seriously, the duo of Kelvin Drama and Danny Gavigan work so well.

After this film, you will be in a deep discussion with yourself and everyone else who has watched. Oh, the irony.

Not only does Chad Eric Smith’s RUMINATION stand out for the cast, it stands out for the cinematography (Andy Evans), the music (Jonathan Bey), and the editing (Kelvin J). The team on this project does a great job pulling together all of the great elements we wish to see in any film no matter how short or how long.

RUMINATION will be premiering at the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza on Saturday, October 14, 2017!


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