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Flo Milli took over Silver Spring at the Fillmore on Thursday. The 23-year-old rapper is on tour promoting a series of new tracks while building up the anticipation for her upcoming album, Fine Ho, Stay, due to be released later this month. The Thanks for Coming Here, Ho tour debuted last month and will run through mid-November, with stops in various cities throughout North America. She’s joined by fellow rapper Maiya the Don, who recently featured on a remix of Flo Milli’s “Conceited”. The pair will continue to travel the country until November 13, where they’ll wrap up the tour in Dallas.

If you haven’t heard of Flo Milli, you’re missing out on one of rap’s hottest new talents. Rising to popularity in 2018 with “Beef FloMix”, a remix of a Playboy Carti track, Flo Milli went viral on Tiktok and other social media sites. Her Tiktok virality proved to be permanent, as her follow up songs “Not Friendly”, “Conceited”, and several others also experienced viral moments. She mixes her bubbly vocals over classic hip-hop beats, creating a standout sound that is unique to her alone.

Opening for the tour is Brooklyn artist Maiya the Don, a 21-year-old beauty guru turned rapper. Shortly before her 8:30 set, Maiya’s DJ took to the stage to engage with the audience. The DJ wasted no time in getting the crowd turned up for Maiya’s set. Blasting some of the hottest tracks in hip hop, he had the crowd jumping and dancing as the excitement built.

Appearing onstage in a fabulous black fur coat, the rapper exuded elegance from her very first step onto the stage. Maiya the Don was flanked by two backup dancers whose moves perfectly matched the rapper’s beats. The three spent much of the show performing intricate choreography and getting the crowd worked up. At one point during her set, Maiya stopped to acknowledge an audience member that had been dancing and singing the whole night. After thanking the fan for her energy, Maiya gave her a bright orange purse from the luxury brand Telfar. It was clear that
Maiya loved the crowd, as she paused frequently to thank and acknowledge them.

Flo Milli took the stage around 9:30, opening with her “Miss Carter Freestyle”. She went from one track to the next with barely a pause in between, keeping the songs flowing effortlessly. Following up with Maiya’s crowd work, Flo Milli made it clear she was just as grateful for the crowd. Throughout the show, she jumped off stage to sing directly into the crowd, moving throughout the venue to ensure everyone could sing with her. Her hits “Roaring 20s” and “In the Party” were two of the standout performances of the evening. Dedicating both songs to her “day ones”, the Alabama rapper matched the energy of the crowd as they sang and danced along. Flo Milli’s upcoming album Fine Ho, Stay, won’t be released until the tour concludes, but she gave fans a glimpse of what’s to come as she performed a preview of an unreleased track from the record.

Despite performing snippets from all of her hit songs and features, Flo Milli’s set was
remarkably short. Spending less than 45 minutes onstage, she wrapped up her last song shortly after 10pm. She didn’t let the short set dampen the mood though and spent a good 15 minutes taking selfies with fans after the show. The Thanks for Coming Here, Ho tour will continue until November 13, where the tour will end
with a handful of Texas shows. Her sophomore album Fine Ho, Stay is slated for release this month, though an official release date has not yet been announced.

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