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The Hippodrome Theatre transported Baltimoreans to Neverland this week as the venue lit up green and welcomed the National Tour launch of “Peter Pan” for an evening of pure magic.

Directed by Emmy Award winner, Lonny Price, with a book adapted by Larissa FastHorse, this production of “Peter Pan” adds a modern twist to the classic tale, highlighting the age of iPads and social media within the first scene. Right off the bat, we understand that today’s technology provides kids with too much access to knowledge, maturing them quicker than they should grow up…

Enter Peter Pan, played by the talented Nolan Almedia, who flies into the show with a sparkling introduction. In a role that has historically been played by women, Almedia was captivating and brought such a discipline to the boy who never wants to grow up. Ironically, the 17-year-old leads this touring production with such maturity that it elevates the titular role in a fascinating way.

Other standouts for me were Hawa Kamara, who embodied all of Generation Z in the relatable role of “Wendy.” The dynamic villainous duo of Captain Hook and Smee were played by Cody Garcia and Kurt Perry respectfully, keeping the show lighthearted and engaging as the leading adults. They resembled the likes of Gaston and Lefou from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” in a more humorous way as the villains that you love to love.

With the addition of stunning visuals and innovative mechanics, such as a moving platform that separated the stage into two different sets throughout a single scene and the use of sleek wires to hide the harnesses that allowed the cast to fly seamlessly, this production is truly mesmerizing. The most impressive use of technology came from the big screen behind the set, which allowed the audience to accompany Peter and the Darling children as they flew past the second star on the right and straight on til morning. This was met by thunderous applause by an audience left in awe.

This show was fun for all ages and needs to make the move to Broadway immediately following its National run, as it is truly a magical experience that deserves a permanent home on the Great White Way. The National Tour of “Peter Pan” runs at the Hippodrome through February 25. For more information, visit peterpanontour.com.

Final Grade: A+

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