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Mika No Place in Heaven

British crooner Mika has recently released his newest album No Place in Heaven. The award-winning singer has brought a smile to the faces of his fans since the release of his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion in 2007. Each track on No Place in Heaven is fun and energetic, and the fans will love each one, especially the tracks All She Wants, Oh Girl You’re the Devil, Staring at the Sun and Talk About You.

Talk About You is a sweet and fun love song that would be perfect as a serenade.  All She Wants is easy to love and just as easy to sing along to. Last Party is said to be a nod to the late Freddie Mercury and the melancholy piano and the lyrics make it truly memorable. Good Guys will make you wax nostalgia about the heroes you knew in your youth. Oh Girl You’re The Devil has a rhythm and blues feel to it and has a fun and catchy beat that will bring all of Mika’s fans to their feet.  The titular track No Place in Heaven is a heartbreaking and beautiful tale of a repentant young man.

The soft strumming of the guitar and rhythmic drum beats make Staring at the Sun an easy listening and enjoyable track. Hurt is a heartbreaking tune that will cause the audience to shed a tear or two after hearing this song. Good Wife has Mika telling us what kind of wife a “good wife” is from his perspective. Rio is a fun song that will have the audience dancing to this lively beat. Ordinary Man is a relaxing song that has a jazzy sound. Promiseland has a vivacious beat that would be perfect for a house party. The soft and quick piano makes Porcelain beautiful and breathtaking. “Good Guys (Night Time Mix)” is a smooth jazz/bluesy remix of the original and has an amazing beat.

No Place in Heaven is an outstanding album and Mika’s fans will absolutely love it. I found myself dancing in my seat and singing along with every song. Each song is memorable and fun to listen to and I would recommend this for fans of all musical genres.

Final Grade: A+

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