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Colombian singer Maluma had performed in front of thousands Thursday Night as his Don Juan World Tour makes a stop at Capital One Arena!

Maluma’s concert kicked off at 9:00 p.m. with an impressive stage setup featuring three giant screens and two platforms. The audience, primarily composed of young people aged 18 to 35, also included many children. With a burst of energy, Maluma began the show donning a dazzling semi-silver, white outfit and a diamond-studded collar that hinted at Parisian elegance.

The artist commenced by performing his successful collaborations with other artists, while flags of Mexico, Colombia, and El Salvador waved amidst the crowd. He encouraged the crowd to join in the celebration, prompting them to raise their hands and move side to side, creating an infectious party atmosphere.

He then turned up the heat on stage by removing his shirt to the rhythm of his song “Trofeo,” with screens displaying images of him alongside the renowned footballer Lionel Messi. He inquired about the presence of single ladies in the audience, sparking a wave of cheers from his fans, and continued with his repertoire, keeping the audience fully engaged in the spectacle.

The gigantic screens on the stage illuminated the audience as his DJ got the crowd moving to the beat. Maluma delivered an inspirational message to the young audience, urging them never to stop dreaming. Subsequently, he performed his chart-topping hits, including “Hawái” and “Felices los 4,” accompanied by dazzling lighting effects on stage. Sporting a cowboy hat, he encouraged the crowd to toast, concluding with the famous phrase “Pa arriba, pa abajo, pa’l centro, pa dentro.”

Following his performance on the main stage, Maluma roamed the venue, greeting all his devoted fans before making his way to the second stage. Here, a colossal inflatable mascot lit up the scene while he performed his older songs.

Later on, he returned to the second stage to sing “Djadja – Aya Nakamura,” accompanied by a dazzling performance by his talented dancers. Around 10:40 p.m., the lights dimmed, and the fans’ cheers rang out. Maluma returned to the stage with his hits “Hawái” and “Carnaval,” among others.

After a brief intermission, Maluma announced to the Washington, D.C. audience that they would witness a world premiere that nobody else in the world had seen. Seated on the stage, he gazed at the screen and presented his new music video titled “Procura,” revealing the surprising news that he would soon become a father of a daughter. The video featured images of his romantic relationship and his family.

The concert concluded with a euphoric crowd, expressing their joy with loud cheers. Maluma kept his audience captivated from start to finish, and the event was a sold-out success, with last-minute ticket prices discounted to as low as $24.

Final Grade: A

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