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Don Giovanni Records has announced that Michigan quartet KIND BEAST will release their new album Dirty Realism on December 8, 2023.

Kind Beast are a powerhouse quartet featuring Sean Madigan Hoen (Thoughts Of Ionesco), Dan Jaquint (Small Brown Bike), Sean Bondareff (Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels), and Martin Rogers.

Today, Kind Beast released the album’s first single “Ride The Snake”

 The track is available now across all streaming platforms and Bandcamp now.

Dirty Realism is available for pre-order now HERE.

Having met as teenagers touring the North American post-punk scene, drummer Dan Jaquint (Small Brown Bike) and singer/guitarist Sean Madigan Hoen (Thoughts Of Ionesco) found themselves collaborating years later while living in New York. Recording in closet-sized rehearsal rooms, the duo released a number of lo-fi recordings. Returning to their home state of Michigan, they began recruiting Detroit musicians to form what would become KIND BEAST.

Born of a lifelong love of guitar music, noir aesthetics and literary fiction, KIND BEAST embraces rock n’ roll archetypes and contorts them beneath a gauze of twilight mood while lyrical themes explore shadow selves and shameless romance from angles influenced by a life of travel and Hoen’s work as a psychotherapist.

KIND BEAST self-released their first album, You Know I Used to Dance, to regional acclaim. Dirty Realism sees the group signing to Don Giovanni records. KIND BEAST is completed by bassist Sean Bondareff (known as longstanding bassist for Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels) and Guitarist Martin Rodgers.

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