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john fogerty

John Fogerty rocked Pier Six Pavilion on Monday night with his 1969 Tour. The show starts with a video of the major events of ’69. After about 20 minutes with his voiceover explaining the history of the year and era, Fogerty comes out, guitar a blazing. Everyone immediately jumps to their feet from the front row all the way back, to the rear edge of the lawn.

People are in the mood for some good rockabilly and John is more than equal to the task. He started with “Born On The Bayou” as the audience sings along. Another hit, “Susie Q” has the band keeping up with his pace. As he plays, he reminds us about that year and other greats of that time. Multiple guitar changes kept us intrigued, as did his hits all night long. Hit after hit filled the balmy night air. “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”, “Who’ll Stop The Rain”, “The Midnight Special”, “Hey Tonight”, “Hotrod Heart”, “Lodi”, “Green River”, and “Centerfield”, just for a few…His talent is endless. If the guitar and songwriting prowess isn’t enough, he plays piano for my favorite, “Long As I Can See The Light”.

Fogerty not only wrote the songs and sang lead for his former band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, but he was a driving force in the music industry in general. Over the course of the night, he introduces the members of his current band, one of which is his son, Shane. A phenomenal guitarist in his own right, Shane matches his dad with ease. He and brother, Tyler has a band of their own, entitled HardiHar (www.hardihar.com). The songs are just as impactful as when they were written. One song, his first love song, “Joy of My Life” was written for his wife, Julie. He credited her with saving his life. It’s a wonderful, heartfelt song.

John reminisces about those early days of CCR and about Woodstock along with the moon landing and as he played throughout the night, the audience can recall those events and his songs very clearly. From any age fan, he takes everyone on a journey from “Green River” and back to a “Bad Moon Rising” to see “Who’ll Stop The Rain” or to be “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” to end up in “Lodi”. After about two hours of continuous play, he takes his bow and runs offstage. He returns to thrill the audience with two more tremendous hits, which include, “Fortunate Son” (my all time fav) and “Proud Mary”. The pier was alive with his music. Catch him if you can. He’ll be “Down On the Corner” or “Up Around the Bend” somewhere in the U.S. all summer long.

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