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Just a day after Ru did her book tour at the historic Warner Theatre in DC, the venue was taken over on a rainy Saturday night by another drag superstar as JIMBO presents “The Weirdest Show on Earth”.  Let me be the first to say that it truly lived up to its motto. My fellow friends, the Drag Circus has come to the Nation’s Capital and it is a wild & crazy ride!

                Before the circus has begun on this Saturday night in DC, the VIPs and Superfans got a chance to meet JIMBO in the flesh and on stage on a set that could be best described as Beetlejuice visits the Netherworld during Halloween, terrifying yet engaging. I was among the people who met the drag superstar and she thank me and told me that she had a great time with our interview. Click HERE in case you want to read it! People from across the DMV and beyond packed the Warner Theatre to witness a spectacular spectacle unlike anything ever seen before. We even got to jam out Britney Spears’ hit “Circus” to get us in the mood for the night.

                The lights came down and the set slowly lights up. Then we hear the familiar tune from “The Greatest Showman” and out comes JIMBO in all her glory – gearing us for the next 90 minutes of music, sketches and downright hilarity. Joining her for the ride is her sidekick Jeepers – a clown that was best described as a child prodigy & a musical accompanist. Throughout the show, Jeepers has their shining moments including keep the audience entertained or performing an ode to baloney – more on that later. A beginning highlight of the show was when she did a five-minute take on the complete works of one of the greatest writers of all time – the Baltimore legend John Waters! JIMBO killed it with the greatest ease that we can feel Waters’ spirit among us know.

                The show also featured a couple of dancers whose slick choreography from the first step to the last you could not keep your eyes off. The first act featured the pair of dancers as one-eyed tentacle creatures that looked peculiar but cool at the same time. During the segment, we were awaiting the arrival one of the stars but they stated that they wouldn’t come out until the baloney was recovered. Yes, the baloney was the central theme throughout the show.

                Next, we get a blast from the past as Hollywood icon Shirley Temple came on to the stage as America’s Littlest Sweetheart but we soon realize that she got a taste of the social media influencer’s life and wanted to change her image. She went from curls and a blue short dress to a blue sparkling track suit asking us to call her “Sweet T”. The audience got a taste of what she calls the “Hippity Hop” and the Doll Life. I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at this bit.

                Then, we watched the screens and we saw a for private forensic investigator with a German accent who wants to help us find the baloney with the help of her dirty long finger. And just when you thought it was safe, the investigator was riding a giant finger and got down to the audience and paraded the finger around the Warner gallery. So far, we have survived the first act.

                The second act picked up on the hilarity and would not let go. Jeepers was pushing around a white mini pram when JIMBO stated that she was running late and that we should do a peep show. We got treated to an unforgettable peep show the audience got a crash course on learning the different women’s cup sizes and some members of the audience got to fulfill their creamy dreams. Later in the show, coming back from the dead – we got to see the one and only Joan Rivers! JIMBO created a dead-on impersonation that you got to see it to believe it. Joan was completed with a sparkling halo, a pair of angel wings and a tail!?! Just by the mannerisms alone, JIMBO could get the us cheering and hollering during the piece. She mentioned and thanked RuPaul since he was at the venue the night before and gave a shout out to fellow performer Sasha Colby who will bring her Stripped Tour at the Howard Theatre later in the month.  

                Now, I bet you are wondering if the baloney has ever been recovered. Well, you’ll have to see the show to find out with an ending that’s unbelievable. Jimbo delivers the ultimate laugh riot and so much more that night. There wasn’t a segment where I could not stop laughing. From the six characters she’s become throughout the night, you can truly see what she has competed in her native Canada, took on the world and risen to be all-star in her own right.  When this drag circus comes to your town, you don’t want to miss the “Weirdest Show on Earth”. A must see that you’ll tell all you friends about it but it’s for the brave ones.

                Jimbo’s Drag Circus will be touring across the country before it heads up to the Great White North in Mid-June. Go to https://www.dragfans.com/tour/jimbo-2024/ for more information and to purchase Meet & Greet for the show! And go to https://houseofjimbo.com/en-us to follow and find all things JIMBO!

Final Grade: A+

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