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Fall Out Boy and Bring Me The Horizon brought rock n’ roll to the DMV on Wednesday night at Jiffy Lube
Live. The So Much for (Tour) Dust tour kicked off in Chicago last month to rave reviews from fans and
critics alike. The summer tour is hitting outdoor venues across North America, and will feature over 25
shows. With an impressive lineup of openers, the Virginia show was supported by acts Bring Me The
Horizon, Royal and the Serpent, and Carr. Fall Out Boy is promoting their new album So Much (for)
Stardust, which they released in March.

Kicking off the show was Carr, a pop-punk artist from California. Despite only performing a handful of
songs, Carr riled up the audience with her bubblegum pop voice and rock melodies. After Carr, Royal and
the Serpent took the stage. After finding success with her 2020 single “Overwhelmed”, Royal and the
Serpent has been busy opening for artists including Demi Lovato, Yungblud, and grandson. With slightly
more rock tones than Carr, Royal and the Serpent got the audience ready for the following act.

Photo by Anna Porcella

The featured opener of the evening was none other than Bring Me The Horizon, the British rock band
known for their deathcore sound. The group took the stage shortly after sunset, transitioning from the
more upbeat music of the earlier groups to their signature hardcore vibes. Engaging with the crowd
throughout the show, frontman Oli Sykes shared the stories behind the songs to the screaming audience.
During the song “Drown”, Sykes left the stage to run through the crowd, running up to the lawn for a
moment before returning to the stage. Directing mosh pits and crowdsurfers, the band’s energy captivated
the crowd and fully owned the venue. It was nearly impossible to hear the group’s “Can You Feel My
Heart” over the roar of the fans. Finishing their set with the song “Throne”, the group ended on a high note
and made way for the headlining act.

With three impressive opening acts, it was hard to imagine how Fall Out Boy could possibly top it. And
then Pete Wentz came out with a flamethrower attached to his guitar. The group used pyrotechnics
throughout their jam-packed set, but it was Wentz’s personal flamethrower that stole the show. Debuting
the contraption during the song “Phoenix”, Wentz played masterfully while (literally) igniting the space.
Keeping the vibes lit, the guitar made a return later in the show as well.

With over 20 years of music, the band performed songs from each of their albums, with intricate theatrics
between each era. With an inflatable dog, a tree, several beach balls, and much more, the set design was
as captivating as the music. At one point during the show, frontman Patrick Stump performed an acoustic
medley of covers and original music, including Journey’s famous hit “Don’t Stop Believin’”. With nearly 30
songs on the setlist, Fall Out Boy delivered an incredible performance that delighted both casual listeners
and hardcore fans alike.

The So Much for (Tour) Dust Tour was an absolute blast to experience, and is by far one of the best tours
of the summer. The tour will run through the next couple of weeks and concludes in Camden, New Jersey,
on August 6th. Bring Me The Horizon will be staying on tour with Fall Out Boy through the end of tour,
before embarking on an international tour in October.

Final Grade: A

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