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HBO’s new stand-up comedy special FRANKIE QUIÑONES: SUPERHOMIES will debut FRIDAY, JULY 9 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT) on HBO Latino and will be available to stream on HBO Max. After his successful run in HBO’s “Entre Nos” comedy series, internet and viral sensation Frankie Quiñones takes center stage in his very own half-hour comedy special.

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In ENTRE NOS PRESENTS: FRANKIE QUIÑONES: SUPERHOMIES, Frankie talks about family, growing up as a Mexican-American in Los Angeles, and the difficulties of dating. But it wouldn’t be a Frankie Quiñones show without his alter-egos Creeper (from the popular CholoFit sketches) and “JC” Juanita Carmelita, who also join him for the occasion.

With ENTRE NOS PRESENTS: FRANKIE QUIÑONES: SUPERHOMIES, Frankie becomes part of the select group of Latinx comedy stars with their own “Entre Nos Presents” special. All previous fifteen installments of both HBO’s “Entre Nos” series and “Entre Nos Presents” comedy specials are available to stream on HBO Max. The Entre Nos label has featured dozens of beloved and upcoming Latino comedy artists, including Aida Rodriguez, Alex Carabano, Alex Marin, Chris Estrada, Christine Medrano, Crystian Ramirez, Eric Blake, Erik Rivera, Francisco Ramos, Gina Brillon, Ian Lara, Jerry Garcia, Jesus Sepulveda, Kall, Kim Congdon, Liss Pereira, Mark Viera, Marlena Rodriguez, Monica Escobedo, Nick Guerra, Orlando Leyba, Ramon Rivas, Rojo Perez, Shayla Rivera, Vanessa Gonzalez, and Vladamir Caamano.

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