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For this special edition of THE INTERVUE, while I was attending the US Dream Academy’s Power of a Dream Gala celebration of 25 years at the Museum of the Bible. I had the honor of talking to the original Dreamgirl who performed two songs during the evening. She’s a Tony winner known for her signature hit “And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going”.

Friends of the Revue, the lovely Jennifer Holliday!

And I’m so happy to interview you especially since the first Broadway musical I got see was “Dreamgirls”. It was at my own college, Bowie State University while I was in middle school.

You got to see a high school college production?

It was a college production. You inspired me to love musical theater and helped me go to my future college. So, thank you so much.

Oh, thank you.

So how does it feel to be here at this wonderful gala tonight?

Well, Wintley Phipps is a very good friend of mine. I have known him for many decades now. And so, I have supported him. I was at one of the first Dream Academy galas. So, it’s good to be back to perform for him again.

And what will you be performing here tonight?

Well, I am going to be performing, of course, my signature song from “Dreamgirls”. And then just a special dedication called “A Dream with Your Name on It”. Just an inspirational song.

And how does it feel that you have been an inspiration to millions of Americans out there across the country and around the world with your signature song?

Well, I feel that’s one thing about a lot of people didn’t know that the song came from a Broadway show. Yes, because, it was forty-three years ago when “Dreamgirls” opened on Broadway. And so, a lot of people when they first heard it, there was no social media or anything. They just fell in love with the song without even knowing where it came from. They didn’t know who I was, and to have four decades later, to have a song that has impacted so many music lovers around the world. So many theater lovers around the world have has just been a great joy.

And after this event, what do you have going on in the near future?

Oh, okay. Well, I still do a lot of performing and I do symphonies these days. And you know, just as myself, I’ve wanted to do another Broadway show, but I don’t know what that would be yet.

Do you know which Broadway show that you would love to do one day?

No, I had been trying to think about it because the good thing about today is that a lot of those great musicals can have a mixed cast now. You know, one of my favorites is “Mame”. That’s a lot of people don’t even know that. I think that “Mame” could be an African American. I don’t think she’s ever been an African American before.

Well, I have a feeling there’s gonna be an African American “Mame” definitely in the near future, and they should cast you. You’ve heard it here folks, cast Jennifer Holliday on Broadway for “Mame”. I’m serious.

“Auntie Mame”

Thank you very much, Jennifer. For more information of the US Dream Academy, go to


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