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Usually I am behind the camera taking photos but this year at Dragon Con I had the opportunity to do my first ever interviews for The Rogers Revue! In addition to being a panelist for several Warehouse 13 discussions over the weekend, Eddie McClintock was kind enough to be available for interviews. As a huge fan of the show, I admit that I geeked out a bit and submitted the interview request as soon as I could.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, “Warehouse 13” was originally aired on the Syfy network in 2009 and ran for five seasons. The show follows a team of agents who travel around the country retrieving special artifacts that have become charged with energy. These artifacts can change the lives of the people they come in contact with. At first this may seem like a positive impact but as discussed in the interview with Eddie McClintock there is always a downside to using powerful artifacts. Once these artifacts are neutralized they are taken back to this giant warehouse and joins the other strange artifacts, mysterious relics, fantastical objects and supernatural souvenirs ever collected by the U.S. government.

During the interview we were able to cover a lot of topics including his Warehouse 13 pitch for a Janis Joplin backstage pass to any concert in time, why he loves coming to Dragon Con every year, his experience on “Stark Raving Mad”, and his current project directing the film “Miracle at Manchester”. To him, Dragon Con is such a special event because of the energy and interest of the fans. There was even an announcement this year that Eddie McClintock and Allison Scagliotti are actively pursuing a reboot of Warehouse 13!

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