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Singer-songwriter David Archuleta returns with brand new music today penning what is surely to be one of his most riveting songs to date over his 15 year career. “Hell Together” HERE written by David Archuleta, Ryan Nealon, Sam Derosa (lovelytheband, Kylie Morgan) and Jordan Sherman (Niall Horan, Lauren Spencer Smith) is the first taste of new music since he released his award-winning single, “Afraid To Love” HERE last fall.

David shares the evolution of the song, “”Hell Together” is inspired by what my mom said to me after I left my Mormon faith and religion altogether. It was a scary place to leave something that was all I knew and that gave me my purpose to live, but it was something I knew I needed to do as I felt a new sense and purpose for life. A few days after I publicly announced leaving the Mormon church my mom texted me saying she had decided to leave too. I was shocked as she was so devout. I asked what made her feel she needed to leave because she didn’t need to follow my example. 

She said “If you go to Hell, we’re all going to Hell with you. We’re a family and we’ll always be there for each other, in good or in bad!” I was really moved by that. 

Watch the lyric video HERE and Tik Tok HERE

“Hell Together” has a gospel vibe to it as it references the roots of church that are still very much a part of what has defined me despite the journey I’ve had of leaving my faith. It has an uplifting energy. Most people within the church would think you feel dark and lost leaving your faith, but that was not the case for me. I felt like I found myself! It’s meant to show the joy and how by leaving my religion is how I found a greater light. And, more importantly, how much it meant to still have a support system of family still there for me so I wasn’t alone when at first I believed I was going to be alone.””

The narrative around the song, “Hell Together” is part of many topics and conversations that will be fully revealed in David’s forthcoming memoir with Dey Street Books, a division of the William Morrow Group at HarperCollins Publishers in his quest to find inner peace.

Additionally, David recently won the prestigious GLAAD Media Award for “Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist” 2024 alongside other winners Renee Rapp. David is currently writing and recording new music to be released throughout 2024 and you can catch him performing live at Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah May 30, 31 and June 1 HERE .


A Book Of Cover Story HERE

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