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I think all of us at some point in our lives have had a broken heart or someone ended the relationship out of the blue.
This comedy shows us the actions that one can sometimes take when one’s heart is broken. We can see the plot that couples put together to return to their loved ones, and not everything goes as they think. ends up showing us a nice message where the love of your life is not that perfect person that one thinks. I recently talked to the cast & crew of the upcoming Amazon Prime feature “I Want You Back” during a recently press conference!

Between romantic comedy and drama, there are some dismal obvious delicate moments right but it’s so funny and the audience never feels uncomfortable. How important that one was for you at the helm to really you do make sure that the line was like right down the middle.

Jason Orley (Director): I think so and I do love my favorite romantic comedies there’s always become a real place like a real emotion and I would like the breakups to be real and the sadness is real and heart is in it is in there and I just you know and I think because you can take out the jokes and there still a great movie they’re there still a great kind of dramatic premise and so for me that was the most important thing was before they are amazing cast out of their special sauce like is there a which is like to know how funny they are and how do I get to just take any scene in and change to just take it to another level is there a dramatic story we’re telling that works and that’s it was a big focus for me and I think that’s why what makes it funny.

Charlie Day: Jason was really good at it always grounding either the performances or the way we were going to just approach the comedy seen to say are first and foremost we’re going to tell a real story about real people real emotions and then once we get that done we can get funny but never funny to the point where we’re going to tip over the reality of the people witch it was great.

We all have breakups before in this movie deals with the delicate situation of grieving and break-ups what does it in a really lovely way and kind of let everybody know that like we’re all in this together right like you don’t see it you may not see the time is seen by everyone is going through some stuff so I wonder for everybody is there an official like “I Want You Back” tip that you had learned you know maybe about breaking up or grieving for somebody who is heartbroken at the moment?

Gina Rodriguez: There is more than one person for everybody, there is just happiness starts from within a person should contribute you should find your happiness and other person and there are plenty of people out there.

Isaac Aptaker (co-writer): I think with Instagram and everything it’s so easy to compare yourself to other people and feel like you’re getting left behind that’s a big theme of the movie these two people who are staring down the idea of starting over and wondering is it too late but you can’t force it has to be your person and sort of if not then love will come but you have to wait for the right fit.

Elizabeth Berger (co-writer):I mean that I think the grief from a breakup can feel so all-consuming and it really can feel like this is it this is the rest of my life now is I’m miserable sad, but time does go on and you will shower again and fix your makeup again and change your clothes. Times heals and there’s light even after the worst breakups.

Jenny Slate: I think that looking back on it you know like there’s a really funny breakup Montage at the start of this film and Elizabeth said like that time that grief that feels like it will last forever but it’s actually just like a short moment of detox before you can get back to like equilibrium that exists in solitude and like who you are when you’re just making friends with someone and you’re not trying to like be hot for them I think that’s how Emma my character and Charles character Peter meet. But they’re both sad but also they are not trying to be anything but themselves and kind of their worst selves in a way like they’re at their most hurting selves their most desperate selves and that’s the most important part is that there is a gift in the grief.

Manny Jacinto: Everybody’s answers are so eloquent. I mean the first thing that I can think of is you know it’s okay to spend time alone sometimes and then to like to grow a little bit and I really find yourself before you find somebody else to love you because yeah at the end of the day, I think you need to love yourself before somebody else can give you that love you truly deserve.

What do they think the ingredients where of the script of this film that made the perfect outcome?

Clark Backo: I really like that one good job. I mean hard not to say exactly what Jason just sent to me it’s really is the balance of understanding that comedy comes from intense vulnerability and insecurity and in this case heartbreak and they’re just like you was saying there is like it’s just it’s never as satisfying of a laugh if it doesn’t come from something that’s real and that we can all relate to and that hurts like it’s the best laugh when he is kind of you could cry or laugh and it could really be either but hopefully you do them at the same time and from reading the script on the page like I laughed out loud so many times and I’m sure my roommate was in the other room like what is going on in there and I come out with like a tear but I’m also laughing this lady is just like that’s it’s about.

Scott Eastwood: Yeah, it was a laugh out loud script and right away you I knew well I guess I got to do this movie but I’ll say to Jason’s credit really it’s you know you can read a really good script or descent script and then you look at the directory right I don’t know if they have it I watch this movie right away big time at lessons and it was incredible and so I knew that I had to do this movie was a home run.

But they individually accept an invitation to their ex’s wedding?

Scott Eastwood: Yea why not most because I am I’m a fan of awkward moments.

Clark Backo: Depends on but probably yes, I feel like if they’re inviting me there’s got to be a good reason right.

Charlie Day: Absolutely anyone can invite me to anything and whether I will not accept the invitation I might not show up.

I WANT YOU BACK will premiere exclusively on Prime Video this Friday, February 11, 2022