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It’s Friday night at the Music Center at Strathmore and The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marin Alsop are going to give us a closer look into the life of Beethoven. If you only knew the hardships and adversity Ludwig Van Beethoven had to overcome throughout his music writing career. An alcoholic father who was strict and pressured Beethoven to overachieve at an early age like Mozart to having to deal with a life filled with progressive hearing loss.

Not just his life, but the thought process behind the composition of some of his most prominent works mainly his 5th symphony. Music techniques that at the time were new and unheard of that today are common practice in music composition and production. From his loose experimentation with the coda (an independent passage at the end of a composition used to bring it to a satisfactory close). To the prominent rest’s used throughout his composures that built suspense and excitement.

This was an interesting concept. I mean Beethoven’s 5th symphony since its inception must have been played a million times. Why not dive a little deeper so that you can have a better understanding of what was trying to be achieved. I’ve listened to Beethoven’s 5th numerous times and enjoyed it but never really asked myself why I enjoyed it. It was very informative but in my opinion ran on a little too long. I hurried to my seat with great anticipation awaiting the start of the symphony only to sit through a 40 minute lecture give or take. I’m not complaining this was an interesting take, but I wanted to hear more music. When I go to a concert my main concern is music, not informative lecture. The Orchestra sounded phenomenal too.

The 5th symphony was played with excitement and beauty. It just seemed like it was over too quick, maybe they should have played Beethoven’s 6th symphony as well. I never really got a chance to just take in the sound. I mean I should have known, it was written in the program. I just would like more Orchestra music with uninterrupted sound. I probably would see this program again I just would prefer to see it with the 4th, 5th and 6th symphony played in secession. If you want to learn about Beethoven see this program. If you want to hear an abundance of Beethoven’s music maybe this program isn’t for you. All in all still a good show, short but sweet.

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