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Photos by Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

The delightfully whimsical “Annie” the musical spreads sunshine in DC while performing January 23rd to 28th at the National Theater.

I was fortunate to be able to experience the performance opening night through the eyes of my child. Other children in the audience also squealed and cheered with delight to witness some incredibly talented children singing and dancing their way through the orphanage where they lived, to the streets of New York, to the very posh mansion of Oliver Warbucks. Adults also tapped their toes and clapped along to familiar tunes from their own childhood viewings of the show. I could hear faint voices from the audience singing along to “Tomorrow.”

The theater performance was slightly different than the movie that many may recall. The ensemble had a lovely song featuring “A Hooverville Under the 59th Street Bridge”, which was quite lovely. The ensemble really added to the show. Cast members played several parts. It seemed like most of the cast was able to show off their vocal talents and transformation skills from character to character.

The children, Rainer “Rainey” Treviño (Annie), Jade Smith (Molly), Avery Hope (Pepper), Savannah Austin (July), Kylie Noelle Patterson (Tessie), Arianna Guller (Duffy), and Addie James (Kate), were all exceptionally talented. They could sing, they could dance, and they could do cartwheels. I especially loved their performance of “It’s the Hard Knock Life” where they danced around scrubbing the orphanage, and dancing with brooms. The audience especially cheered whenever Jade Smith’s Molly character performed. She was hilarious and adorable. Of course, Rainer Trevino did a wonderful performance as the lovable Annie. Seamus the dog who played Sandy was also a big hit with the audience, who said “aw” whenever it appeared.

Also notable was the fabulously funny role of Miss Hannigan (Stefanie Londino). She gave a hilarious performance of “Little Girls.” Rooster Hannigan (Jeffrey T. Kelly) and Lily (Samantha Stevens) later joined Ms. Hannigan for the wickedly funny and delightful “Easy Street” performance. I especially loved how they were able to maintain their charming character voices, while still singing beautifully and harmoniously. They also did a humorous dance while singing, which brought cheers from the audience.

This delightful performance will be at Broadway at the National in DC through January 28. I highly recommend seeing this talented cast and wonderful show. For more information, visit AnnieTour.com.


Annie is currently playing at the National Theatre now until January 28, 2024. Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office, by calling (202) 628-6161

Audio Description available during the 2:00pm performance on Saturday, January 27 and the 7:30pm performance on Sunday, January 28. Learn more here.

ANNIE runs approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes including one intermission.

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