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Alejandro Fernández’s concert was a sold-out event. People arrived early, taking photos next to the posters outside the venue and purchasing a substantial amount of merchandise related to the singer. The presence of fans wearing t-shirts and various accessories of Alejandro, including hats and cowboy boots, was also notable.

The show started promptly at 8:58 pm with a mariachi performance, two pianists, and enormous screens displaying the words “AMOR, PATRIA Y ORGULLO” (Love, Homeland, and Pride). Alejandro Fernández made his entrance on the stage, opening with the song “Es la mujer,” followed by “México lindo y querido,” which thrilled the audience. The crowd went wild when he performed “Estuve,” accompanied by a display of lights and traditional Mexican graphics on the stage.


He then warmly greeted the audience and all of Mexico, highlighting the recognition he had received the previous day at the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. from “Congressional and Latino Leaders in the U.S. Capitol, Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino (FRIENDS),” in collaboration with the “Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HFF)” and the “Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI).”

Alejandro continued with his most romantic songs, sitting at the center of the stage and concluding with trumpets and his hit song, “Ábrázame”. He went on to perform songs from various stages of his career, including his iconic single “Tantita pena,” accompanied by visuals that evoked memories of his father on the stage’s screens.

The fans sang their hearts out, and Alejandro bid farewell to the audience by waving a Bolivian flag, expressing gratitude to everyone for their presence. Later, he returned to the stage to perform successful songs from his father, Vicente Fernández, such as “El Rey” and “Volver Volver.” Alejandro Fernández succeeded in having all attendees sing along to all his songs, creating a warm and entertaining atmosphere with the colorful visuals on the screens and the mariachi music.


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