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The Originals “Red Door”

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In this episode of “The Originals,” Esther plays mind games with Elijah, Mikael and Klaus continue their feud and others get involved, and Davina realizes who she has been hanging out with…


So, according to Esther, Elijah killed Tatia and it was only then that Esther used her blood to seal the curse that locked away Klaus’ wolf side. Forgive me if I am more than a little skeptical about this new development. Is it possible that it is true? Sure it is, but given Esther’s powers and her oft-stated desire to convince her children that they are abominations and monsters, I wouldn’t put it beyond her to make that up in order to try and break Elijah down. So until there is verification from a more trustworthy source, I am going to take this new development with a healthy helping of salt.


I must say that I found it interesting how quickly Davina accepted Kaleb as Kol and worked with him. Granted, he did save her life, but given her dislike for all things Mikaelson, it was rather sudden. Then again, Kol does have as much reason to hate his parents as Davina hates Klaus, so maybe it is not all that surprising. Then there is the old trope about how the enemies of my enemies are my friends, so she may simply be being practical. Or it could be good old fashioned hormones. After all, Kol has always been devastatingly cute, no matter what body he happens to be inhabiting at the time. Maybe it is a combination of these different factors or none of them, so we’ll have to wait and see what she does.


I was impressed with how Cami handled herself with Mikael. He is a pretty scary dude, but she still managed to throw in a few good zingers and some psychoanalysis. Granted, none of that really had much of an impact on Mikael, but it was still impressive. What the kidnapping did manage to do was convince Cami that Mikael is beyond redemption and force the whole group to gang together to fight Mikael. While Hayley and Marcel siding with Klaus was unsurprising and Kol siding with him only mildly surprising, Davina saving him was very surprising. I get that it was the only way to save Marcel and Josh, but it was still unexpected.


And Davina continues to show us why she is someone to be feared. She has figured out how to delink Klaus from his line and would have accomplished her goal had Kol not interfered. She also managed to keep the white oak stake from killing Klaus while simultaneously holding off Mikael for a good period of time. She is smart, powerful, and determined, so it is best to be on her good side. While I wouldn’t place high hopes on her lasting long in a contest with Esther alone, she would probably last long enough to allow others to try something to take Esther down if they worked together.

Red Door

That cooperation is going to be vital to taking down both Mikael and Esther. No one in the group is strong enough to take on either individually, but if they work collectively (like they did tonight), they have a better than even chance of prevailing. Finn is a bit of a wild card, but I bet that he could be taken out of the situation early if they tried. The wild cards at this point are going to be Elijah and Kol. Kol seems to have thrown his lot in with Davina, but who knows what will happen with Elijah now that Esther is messing with his mind.

Until next week!