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Yellow Ledbetter

We explore Elena’s feelings for Damon, we get to see where Damon and Bonnie are, Caroline and Enzo team up, Enzo and Stefan have a disagreement, Jeremy continues to spiral and we learn some interesting information about Tripp….

It’s official, Elena’s feelings for Damon have officially been excised thanks to Alaric and Caroline. After some serious exploration of her feelings for Damon, Elena hits a wall and can’t find the key memory that is at the root of her feelings for Damon. Unsurprisingly, she was ready to give up and go back to Luke to get more drugs in order to get her feelings under control. Fortunately, Alaric was persistent and decided to ask Caroline for some help. Caroline told Alaric that Elena actually fell for Damon while she was still with Stefan and that the wall is her refusal to admit it. After a very sweet talk about how lucky she was to be in love with two people in her short existence, Elena figures out that she fell for Damon when he gave returned the necklace Stefan gave her even knowing how important it was to her and Stefan as a couple. After that? Damon went from “He was my boyfriend, I loved him and he died.” to “He was Stefan’s brother. He was a monster. And he died.” That sound? That would be Delena fans screaming about that line…


Did Elena do the right thing? Despite everything, I would say yes. She was having trouble holding everything together and we all remember what happens when Elena the vampire starts to fall apart. She turns off her emotions and turns into another Katherine. This is going to be more than awkward when (yes, when not if) Damon returns unless Alaric can somehow reverse what he did. I just wonder who Damon will be more pissed at: Elena for asking for the memories to be removed or Alaric for actually doing it. And how will Enzo react to what Elena did given how he reacted (snapping Stefan’s lady friend’s neck) when Stefan moved on?


I am torn between annoyance at Caroline for making what Stefan did about her and feeling sorry that she was the only one who seemed to hold it together and then to find out that Stefan lied about what he was doing for months. I get why she was upset that Stefan didn’t return her calls, but remember that he was on his way out of Mystic Falls anyway in order to give Delena room and he lost his brother. While his way of moving on was harsh, it was also completely understandable. Should he have lied? Probably not, but if he hadn’t, people would definitely have come looking for him, so I can’t blame him for lying and wanting to put distance between himself and Mystic Falls.


Watching Damon and Bonnie be forced to be together and arguing over just whose hell they were in was amusing. Turns out that they got put into some sort of weird time pocket where they are reliving the same day in 1994 (April 10th, I believe) over and over again. Bonnie theorized that this was supposed to be just for her, but when she and Damon held hands, he was dragged along for the ride. Apparently someone else was dragged along as well because Bonnie heard a sound and there was a crossword puzzle that she couldn’t finish that was inexplicably solved on its own.


Jeremy continues to drink to dull the pain of losing Bonnie. He is also calling her phone (which he is paying for how?) and leaving angry voicemails. He is also sleeping with Sarah, the girl Elena fed off of last week. Turns out that her dad lives in Mystic Falls and she has decided to look for him. Anyone want to bet that her dad is (was) Bonnie’s dad?


Tripp (the head of the civilian protection force) is a Fell and full well knows about vampires. How do I know this? Well, he said he was a Fell and the truck full of vampires he brought into the town and then burned to a crisp was a great indicator. Given the history of the Fells on this show, this cannot be good.

Until next week!