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The Vampire Diaries “Things We Lost In the Fire”

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We get a glimpse of future Matt, Damon and Stefan continue to suffer from their time in the Phoenix Stone, Mystic Falls has new residents, and Caroline throws a baby shower.

First, let’s tackle future Matt. He’s teamed with the Huntress, aka the woman who has been hunting the Salvatores in the future. Apparently, the sword the Phoenix Stone goes in was created for her and if you are marked by it, she will stop at nothing to hunt you down. She has also been hunting the Heretics, presumably that being connected to Julian being in the Stone. Future Matt is a very hard guy. Given the crap he’s been through in the past several years, I can’t say I’m surprised. He’s lost so many people to vampires and he has reason enough to hate them. He puts up with the Salvatores because they are friends of his friends and Caroline is his friend, so she seems to get a pass. I should say that the Salvatores WERE put up with. Given that he is hunting them (and used Caroline as bait!) with the Huntress, something major happened to complete his turn to vampire hunter. He said something about a girlfriend, who may be the deputy who arrested him. We’ll have to see how this plays out.

TVD 711 Damon Stefan

Damon is so not in a good place right now. Assuming that what we saw is real (which is a questionable assumption), he burned Elena’s body. As if he weren’t already disturbed enough, having her gone is going to send him completely over the edge. I do have to say that I would be completely shocked if Elena’s body is actually gone. Tyler promised Damon to keep everyone (especially Damon) away from Elena, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler had a fake Elena or two stashed around somewhere to keep people from the real Elena. I also have to say that I am finding Tyler much more tolerable in small doses than as a main character. So bring him back periodically and that is cool with me.


Stefan is having his own issues with coming out of the Stone. He is feeling guilty because he had to let Damon go before he could leave the Stone. I can remember a time when he would have gladly complied with that idea. He just needs to realize that he can’t save Damon from himself. While I do love Damon, he is incredibly self-destructive. I think that the two brothers need some time away from each other in order to get their own lives straightened out separately.


Matt and Bonnie on vampire containment duty could be interesting. They are the two who hate vampires the most, although Bonnie does exhibit more patience with them than Matt does. Watching Bonnie be friends with Nora is interesting. Watching them is sort of like watching Elena and Damon from the first couple of seasons. The human (ok, non-vampire) is trying to help the vampire fit in and be a better being. I hope they continue to keep this up.

How long was Damon trapped in the Stone? Stefan said weeks, but that is a lot of vampires to move in over such a relatively short period of time. When the Heretics moved in, the humans were evacuated and Mystic Falls was quarantined. Was that lifted at some point or are the vampires just bringing humans in?

Until next week!