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Caroline makes a demand of Elena, Enzo goes after Sarah, Damon and Kai try to get help from Bonnie, Damon finds out the truth about his mother, and Stefan makes a shocking decision….

Caroline wasted no time in making her no emotions presence felt and understood.  After snacking on Liam (Remember him?  Yeah, me neither…), Caroline made a deal with Elena.  If Elena and company made no effort to try and convince Caroline to turn her emotions back on for a year, and then she would turn them on herself.  However, if they tried *ANYTHING*, she would become their worst enemy.  Yeah, you know how that one ended up.  Anyone who seriously thought that this would happen needs to get their heads checked.  Elena and Stefan is not the sort to just sit around and do nothing.  Sure, they might have been able to do it for a while, but not for too terribly long, particularly since Stefan felt responsible for Caroline being in this position in the first place.  So naturally the promise was broken before the end of the hour, with…interesting results.


So, Stefan is back to being the Ripper.  That is not a good thing.  I wonder if Elena will actually be able to turn him back.  With both Stefan and Caroline gone over to the no emotions side of vampirism, things are not looking pretty.  Damon is not going to be a lot of help at the moment because he is too wrapped up in the fact that his mother is a ripper and trapped in a hell prison like Kai was.  I don’t see a whole lot of good coming out of any of this.  I also suspect that Enzo will be upset that Caroline forced Stefan into a position where he turned his emotions off because he won’t be able to use Sarah against Stefan anymore.

You do have to feel for Damon.  First, Katherine (the so-called love of his life) rejected him for Stefan and then he finds out that his mother never actually died, but was turned into a vampire.  Then to top it all off, his friendship with Bonnie is shattered because he tried to get her to talk with Kai after she explicitly told him that she wanted nothing to do with Kai.  Talk about a rough week.  I can’t blame him for forcing the issue where Kai is concerned.  Granted, it wasn’t exactly smart, but he is so desperate for answers that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get answers.


I also feel sorry for Elena.  She does manage to save Sarah from having her heart cut out, but it is all for naught because Caroline got Stefan to turn his emotions off.  And can I just register annoyance that yet again someone accuses Elena of making it all about her?  Showing empathy is not making it all about you.  Honestly, I get sort of annoyed that Caroline (of all people!) constantly accuses Elena of making it all about her.  Ok, enough of that.  Not only does Elena lose Stefan to the dark side, but also she is forced to break both of Liam’s wrists in order to save Sarah from the compulsion that Caroline put him under.  With two emotionless vamps running around Mystic Falls, you know that Elena and company are going to have their hands full.  Hopefully they can do something to minimize the body count.

Bonnie is definitely a changed woman.  I’m not sure if she is more powerful than before, but she is less willing to suffer fools than she was before.  When she used her magic to burn the one guy who totally wouldn’t take a hint, it was sort of funny, but also a mite disturbing.  And when she made Damon experience everything that Kai had put her through that truly sucked.  The two of them had formed such a great bond that I hate to see it destroyed because Damon pushed too hard.  Like I said above, I can’t blame him for trying, but I also can’t blame her for reacting.  I just hope she doesn’t follow through on her threat to melt of Kai’s gorgeous face.


Speaking of Kai, I felt sorry for him.  He honestly wanted to apologize to Bonnie, but she was having none of it.  He has changed, barely, but he still has made some improvements.  Can’t blame her for not seeing it, but it still had to suck for him.  I do wonder if he’ll actually bring Damon’s mom out of the hell prison or not.  I suspect that the answer is yes, but I hope he has a better sense than that.

Until next week!