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Klaus and Kol have a confrontation with a surprising result, Finn draws ever closer to Hope, Hayley gains more followers as she and Jackson draw closer to the wedding, Freya has more in common with her family than realized, and Cami finds out something disturbing about Hope…


Turns out Freya was in that attic because she has been on the run from Dahlia. She was cursed to spend a century in the coffin in sleep and then awaken for a single year before being forced to go back into the coffin. Or so she says. Given the way she was handling that pendant when she was talking to Finn, I suspect that she is either (a) working with Dahlia or (b) Dahlia in Freya’s body. The only reason I am not sure if she is Dahlia is that she knew things about what Freya and Finn did. While Dahlia could have learned this either through magic or from Freya, it could indicate that this is actually Freya.


I have to admit to being very surprised at the conclusion to the confrontation between Kol and Klaus. Klaus has seriously grown if he is willing to start trusting Kol, who is arguably the most mercurial of the Originals (Klaus and Rebekah are the other two contenders). Given that this is what Kol has always craved, it was the perfect thing for Klaus to do. While it may be a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, I suspect that this may be an actual rapprochement, especially given the fact that Klaus gave Kol the White Oak Stake that could be used to kill him.

The Devil is Damned

Speaking of the stake, that was some seriously powerful and incredibly ballsy magic that Kol and Rebekah were working. Using the link that Finn used to draw on his parents to overload him was very dangerous. If Kol turned to be wrong, there would have been a seriously powerful Finn with a massive grudge against everyone else. And that was a further demonstration of how much Klaus trusts Kol. Knowing how badly it could have gone wrong or (possibly) that Kol was actually working with Finn and still giving that much dark magic (and himself!) to Kol was equally ballsy on Klaus’ part.

The Devil is Damned

So Hayley is the Alpha of a massive pack spanning several states now? Or are she and Jackson co-Alphas? I’m still not quite sure how this is working. That had to be seven or eight Alphas all relinquishing their positions to Hayley. And she showed why they could trust her. Being both an Alpha and a hybrid, she seems to be quite powerful. She took down most of those vampires herself only killing one that we saw. That was impressive.


While Elijah’s spur of the moment “bomb” was quite impressive, something about it really bothers me. I thought that the Originals were entirely immune to the sun by virtue of being Originals. If that is the case, then Elijah should not have burst into flame in the house and there would have been no explosion. While I liked the way he took down the gloating Finn, it seems like their screwing with continuity for the sake of a plot point, which I find quite annoying. Speaking of the bomb, we know that Elijah survives, but does Finn? I assume he can body hop, but still not clear on how much time is actually needed to prepare for the hop.

The Devil is Damned

So did Hope actually stop the car to save herself and Cami from the explosion? If so, that is very confusing. I assumed that she is a super hybrid, but if she did stop the car that indicates that she can use magic, which would mean that she is not a hybrid because witches can’t be vampires. Of course, it is possible that all of the old rules fly out the window where she is concerned…


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