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The Originals Rebirth Review

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We are reminded why the Originals are not to be trifled with when Klaus and Elijah execute a plan of revenge, we find out just who exactly Esther brought back with her, and why Marcel continues to fight for New Orleans….


When Esther came back at the end of last season, I suspected that it was Finn who came back with her, so I was not at all surprised when it was revealed that he was with her. To be honest, he is my absolute least favorite Original, mainly because he is the least developed and also because he is such a slave to Esther’s will and plans. But I nearly fell off of my bed (yes, I watch TV on my bed) when Kaleb was revealed to be Kol. I was also seriously excited because aside from Elijah, Kol is my favorite Original. It was also really nice that Daniel got to use his native English accent and not try to sound American like he did when he was Isaac on Teen Wolf. Since Kol is (after Klaus) also one of the more unpredictable of the Originals, I am really curious as to why he has teamed up with Esther.


Now that the entire family (aside from Rebekah) is in New Orleans, there is going to be a particularly ugly war that is going to take place. Davina has Mikael under her thumb, Esther has Finn (as a human) and Kol (as a witch), and Klaus and Elijah have Hayley. This family feud is not going to end well for anyone particularly since neither Klaus nor Elijah seem to have an inkling that the rest of their family is back and in a bad mood.

At least Klaus and Elijah no longer have to worry about the werewolves. Between Elijah, Hayley, and Marcel, the werewolves leaders have been taken out and the moonlight rings have been destroyed, restoring Klaus to his full power. No matter how often it happens, I am still shocked at the sheer ruthlessness that Elijah is capable of. He is normally so cultured that it is easy to forget that he can be as vicious as Klaus when his ire is raised. And having all of the historic buildings declared public was a good move. I would almost feel sorry for Francesca and her wolves, but they brought this entirely on themselves. Family is of the utmost importance to Elijah and when they threatened Klaus, Hayley, and the baby, they crossed a serious line that demanded a response from Elijah, not to mention the personal offense that both Klaus and Hayley felt because they were targeted. Yeah, that pretty much extinguished any twinge of pity that I may have felt for them. And as for the painting in blood? Yeah, Klaus took that one very literally (eeewww…..).


Cami is never going to escape the supernatural beings of New Orleans. Not only has she been sleeping with Marcel, she helped Klaus and Elijah, and she has been targeted by Finn and Esther. I am not sure why she is important to them, unless it is a matter of the fact that she is close to Klaus and Elijah. I doubt it is that simple, but you never know. And because Kol is getting close to Davina, Mikael is now within reach of Esther’s influence. Having the two of them team up is even worse that what is happening right now. Mikael has the stake and bears a hatred for Klaus that boggles the mind. Esther has already tried to destroy her children during season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, so putting the two of them together will not be a good thing. Of course, that assumes that they will actually work together and not try and destroy each other, which is almost as likely as the two of them teaming up.

Watching Klaus, Elijah, and Hayley navigate their way through the complicated relationship they have is going to be interesting.  Only Klaus has the experience to advise Hayley about what it is like to be a hybrid, but the two of them can barely stand to be around each other, so that is going to be interesting.  Add onto that the fact that Hayley is pushing Elijah away and you have the potential for a very, very complicated story.


I have to say that Marcel’s reason for sticking around is a good one. He is fighting to preserve the city and all that it has to offer. As such, he is a serious wildcard in the upcoming fight. I suspect that he will team up with Klaus, if only because that is the best way to keep himself alive, but if Davina somehow manages to break the bond between Klaus and his line, then Marcel will probably align himself with whoever is more likely to win in order to make sure that New Orleans manages to stay around.

Speaking of wildcards, I honestly suspect that Kol will turn on Esther unless she somehow has him under her direct control. Unless my memory is very bad, he turned on her when she tried to destroy him and his siblings and I don’t think that Klaus has done anything so bad recently that would cause Kol to want to kill him. I could (of course) be wrong, but that is my suspicion.

This looks to be a very interesting season with the plethora of Originals in New Orleans. Until nest week!