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The Originals “I’ll See You in Hell or New Orleans”

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We see the creation of the first vampire progeny, we see a possible cause underlying the sire war, Jackson helps Hayley readjust to existence as a person, and we meet a vampire secret society….

Lucien was the first vampire progeny? Interesting, particularly because it was a complete accident. I also suspect that this sire war is largely a war between Lucien and Tristan, who seem to really hate each other. This makes me wonder if Lucien’s explanation of the sire war to Klaus was entirely accurate. Both he and Tristan seem to be doing everything they can to muddy the waters and get their respective sires to line up with them. Lucien insists that Klaus has to trust him in order to protect the people closest to him and Tristan tells Elijah that Lucien has w weapon that can kill an Original. I almost wonder if both are telling the truth and this war is some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. Each of them suspects that the other is getting ready to attack, so they both take steps to eliminate the competition, thereby leading to the war that might not have existed otherwise.

The Originals -- "For The Next Millennium" -- Image Number: OG301b_0143.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Andrew Lees as Lucien and Joseph Morgan as Klaus -- Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
Andrew Lees as Lucien and Joseph Morgan as Klaus — Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

I am also noticing that each of the Originals seems to pick a particular type of person to turn. Elijah’s progeny seem to be a lot like him, smooth and sophisticated. Klaus’ progeny, on the other hand, seem to be a little more of the ordinary man who raises himself to a higher level, much like Klaus himself. It could be that they are trying to create progeny in their own image as a method of self-perpetuation or it is also possible that their progeny choose to take on certain traits of their sires in order to please them. This obviously wouldn’t hold true for their entire line because the different members of the line who are more distant are less likely to pick people like the Original they are “descended” from, but it would hold true for the progeny they create themselves.


Cami needs to be really careful. Her proximity to Klaus is both protection and a target on her back. Anyone who harms her will have to answer to Klaus, but she could also be used as a bargaining tool to get Klaus to do something that his enemies want him to do. She’s not a witch and can only rely on her wits and the moves she’s picked up to help her survive. Vincent may be able to help her, but he has limits to what he can do. I think it was wise of her to talk with Lucien, particularly since it was in such a public place and she needed to talk with him to get a better sense of what type of person he is.


Given the obvious tension between Tristan and Lucien, I wonder if there is a third party stoking the tension between them. Lucien thinks Tristan is killing people to separate him from Klaus and Tristan thinks that Lucien is out to kill Klaus and Elijah. What if there is a third party hoping to take advantage of the tension between them and their sires to provoke a war of attrition in order to get rid of the Mikaelsons once and for all? That would be someone to reckon with.

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