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Cami and Klaus continue their feud from last week, the Strix witches search for the weapon, and Elijah and Marcel come up with a way to distract Aya and the Strix.

I’m trying to figure out if Cami and Klaus are going to continue their relationship or not. The two of them certainly fight like a couple and they know exactly how to hurt each other. Poor Vincent was completely caught in the middle and had to play the part of the mediator, which was not an enviable position to be in. Unfortunately for everyone, the agreement Cami and Klaus came to was ultimately for naught because Aurora got her hands on the white oak horse and then created bullets out of it.

I do wonder how effective the bullets will be. Unless there is a heart shot, most of the wooden bullets we have seen tend to hurt rather than kill the vampire in question. Now, I will grant that since it is a vampire who has the bullets, the chances of a heart shot go up tremendously, so there is that. It is also possible that Aurora is looking to damage Klaus and Elijah rather than kill them so she can do some form of torture, which would be oddly fitting considering what they did to her brother. If that is the case, the bullets would be perfect.


So, Elijah and Aya formed the Strix which was taken over by Tristan after Elijah fled from Mikael. I get why Aya would be upset by that, but given how powerful Mikael was and how much damage he can do, she and the Strix should have run with Elijah. They got killed because they chose to stay when an insanely powerful vampire hunting vampire came calling. Sorry, not exactly feeling a lot of sympathy there. Even at that point, Elijah would have had a whole lot more experience dealing with Mikael, so they should have listened to him.


I found the way the Strix choose their leader to be interesting. Given their emphasis on intelligence and guile, having a contest not based purely on physical fighting was a good idea. And as for Elijah and Marcel teaming up to trick Aya into supporting Marcel as the leader of the Strix? Very smart. By having Marcel steal the charter and then having Elijah appear to be on the verge of breaking the rules, they more or less forced Aya into acknowledging Marcel as the leader. The only issue is that I don’t think Marcel will put up with Elijah controlling him, but I am not sure if Elijah will try that. He will probably be satisfied with a role of advising behind the scenes, so that should work out.

What exactly is involved in the spell to break a sire line off from the sire? That would have to be a powerful piece of magic because it would seem to fundamentally change the nature of the vampires. It would enable any affected vampires to survive the killing of the Mikaelson who originated their sire line, but how widespread would the influence be? Would it merely break the link between the sire line and the Mikaelson? Or would it break all sire relationships?

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