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Dahlia makes a proposal that Klaus is hard pressed to reject; Elijah, Davina, Cami, and Rebekah continue to make preparations to protect Hope; Hayley, Jackson, Josh, and the pack lay Aiden to rest; and Vincent gets a few offers.


Daggering Klaus was not one of the brightest moves his siblings ever made and it is seriously going to come back to bite them on the butt, particularly since he has now been approached by Dahlia.  Her move was nothing short of inspired.  Given Klaus’ understandable rage at what his siblings did, approaching him and offering to protect his daughter was the only way that Dahlia had a chance with him.  Klaus has never cared about the pack and has only cared about Hayley in and so far as she can protect his daughter.  If Dahlia is telling the truth and she can truly protect Hope, then Klaus will definitely side with her in order to protect Hope.


Seeing Dahlia’s past was definitely interesting.  I do wonder if she was showing Klaus the truth.  On the one hand, what Esther did makes a certain amount of sense and was in character.  One the other, everything Dahlia showed Klaus was extremely self-serving, so I do not know if it can be trusted.  But if it can be trusted, then Esther treated Dahlia like his sibling has treated Klaus: as someone to be afraid of.  When Esther chose Mikael over Dahlia that was obviously something that did not sit well with Dahlia.  And who can blame her?  After all, the Vikings murdered her village and used her as a slave, and then her sister, who promised to stay with her “always and forever” went and fell in love with one of them.  Yeah, that was guaranteed to go over well with Dahlia.  Small wonder that she turned on Esther.


I am still not sure that running with Hope is Hayley’s best option.  Also, I do not like the fact that she is making unilateral decisions for Hope and ignoring the Mikaelsons.  Whether or not she likes it, the Mikaelsons are Hope’s family too.  Taking her away from them is more than unfair to them and not a decision she should be making, even if she is Hope’s mother.  For Jackson to make the demand that she choose him or the Mikaelsons was just wrong.  I get that he wants to protect Hayley, but to force her to choose between her daughter’s family and the pack is not a good thing.  Sorry, but I have never liked people who try and force people to choose between them and someone else, particularly when the someone else is family.


Watching Vincent work with Davina, Rebekah, Cami, and Marcel was interesting.  He is very powerful, but he really wants to get way from magic, not that I blame him.  He has had a very hard time with magic recently, so getting away from it makes sense.  Only problem is that the covens seem to want him as their representative and Marcel keeps asking him for help.  And Davina is working hard to resurrect Kol.  I’m not sure if she’ll be able to do it, but I do hope she can.

Watching the pack threaten Elijah and Elijah’s reaction was totally hilarious.  Elijah was so dismissive of them, and rightfully so.  His plan to use Freya in place of Hope was a good plan.  Don’t think Freya will be too happy with the plan though, particularly since Freya is now the bait for Dahlia.  I like the plan, but Freya is going to be pissed.

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