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The Originals “Behind the Black Horizon”

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The Originals -- "Behind the Black Horizon" -- Image Number: OG317b_0090.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Daniel Gillies as Elijah and Caspar Zafer as Finn -- Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Lucien’s plan comes to horrifying fruition in Mystic Falls as Klaus and Hayley make a horrifying discovery….

Wow, Lucien’s plan to take down the Originals is even worse than I imagined.  He doesn’t want to be an Original, rather, he wants to be even worse, so he took venom from descendants of the 7 major werewolf lines, combined them, and used them in the potion that changed him to an Original, making him a super-hybrid.  So, not only is he a hybrid, but his venom can overwhelm even an Original vampire, like it did with Finn this week.  This is seriously bad news.  If he and Aurora, now that she has the potion too, are more powerful than the Originals and can kill them that spells trouble.  Since only Klaus’ bloodline was split from him, they could kill most of the remaining vampires on earth by taking out Rebekah and Elijah.  Luckily, Klaus’ former bloodline will be safe because his link to them was severed, but the same can’t be said of the other two bloodlines.  My only question is: what is their weakness?  We know that nature will not allow an all-powerful being to exist without some sort of balance, so what is the balance here?  Esther tied the white oak to her spell, so only that tree could kill the Originals.  So what can be done about Lucien and Aurora?  Can they be staked like normal vampires?  And what effect will the backing of the Ancestors have on Lucien and Aurora?  Could the Ancestors’ magic somehow get around the whole “nature’s balance” thing?  I would be surprised if it could, because witches are supposed to be the servants of nature.  Inquiring minds do want to know.



Sorry, but I can’t say that I’ll miss Finn.  While he did seem to be better this time around, I still don’t like him.  It sucks that he had to die in order to demonstrate Lucien’s lethality, but better to sacrifice him than one of his siblings.  His death did manage to unite the normally fractious siblings, even Kol.


Speaking of Kol, he is apparently under the influence of the Ancestors, which is why he’s been having so much trouble controlling himself.  I have to wonder what is going on with the Ancestors.  I get that they hate vampires, but creating uber-vamps and causing an Original to go more or less crazy with bloodlust does not seem to be a good way to ensure that carnage is kept down.  Maybe they think that they can use Lucien to kill the Originals and then somehow kill him to ensure that the vampires are wiped out or something.  Somehow, I doubt that a plan like that will work, but I could be wrong.


Apparently, Vincent made a good maneuver when he had Davina shunned.  As the only witch in New Orleans who is not connected to the Ancestors, she seems to be the only one who has a chance of fighting them.  Not even Vincent, who is the Regent, can oppose the Ancestors, even when he is as far away as Mystic Falls.  They have an awfully long arm.


I am getting a little confused by the timelines here between TVD and The Originals.  We know that TVD has done a 3 year time jump, but is The Originals still in the present or is it in the future too?  It seems like it has to be in the future because of the number of people who are living in Mystic Falls and how nice and clean everything is.  The one reason I doubt it is because Hope is still a baby (I think).  I really hope they straighten the whole time thing out because it is a trifle confusing.


Like The Vampire Diaries, I’ll miss next week’s episode on Friday, so I’ll get the review up as soon as I can afterwards, hopefully Sunday the 17th.


Until then!