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Damon returns to some serious surprises, Jeremy deals with losing Bonnie, the gang sets out on a rescue mission, Jo has a big surprise in store for Elena and Alaric, and Alaric experiences a life-changing moment…

Poor Damon. He has been struggling to get back for so long now and when he finally does, he discovers that his best friend (Alaric) has compelled his girlfriend (Elena) to forget all about him. Everyone (including his brother Stefan) had given him up for dead and stopped looking for him. To top it all off, he feels compelled to lie to everyone about what happened to Bonnie in order to spare them the pain, so he has to deal with it on his own. Welcome back Damon, you moved right from one hell to another. To make for a wonderful topper to all that, when Elena finally decides to see him (after fleeing out a window at one point), he is attacked by a group of vampire hunters and nearly killed after being taken into Mystic Falls. Yeah, wonderful welcome back.

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

After Damon, I think Jeremy had the roughest week. Fortunately, I suspect that this was rock bottom for him. If he can finally accept that Bonnie is gone, maybe he can move on. My heart absolutely broke when he broke down at the pool table. That poor guy has been through so much and he really deserves a break of some sort. The only thing is that when (not if, but when) Bonnie returns, he is going to be seriously pissed at Damon. To be honest, I think Damon is doing the right thing. Since there is presumably no way out of that hell now, he is giving everyone the best chance they have to move on from losing Bonnie.

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

Alaric’s week wasn’t great either. At least he is still alive and no longer a vampire. The downside to this is that he can’t do anything to unlock Elena’s memories of Damon. She knows that the memories are real, but I am curious if she can (or will) do anything to restore them. Since they were within the town limits and anti-magic border when Alaric almost died, I am assuming that Jo didn’t do anything magical to save Alaric’s life. If she did, then she is one freaking powerful witch or she knows some way around the gypsies’ anti-magic spell.

The More you Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

I can’t really blame Caroline for not wanting to be friends with Stefan. He seriously needs to wake up and smell the coffee. She is so hurt because she loves him and things ain’t going to be right until he realizes that and figures out what he wants to do. At least Caroline and Elena have each other right now. They are going to need each other to get through the final “loss” of Bonnie.

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

Hopefully Matt’s warning to Sarah will be heeded. While I get that she wants to know about where she came from, if she ever figures out that Damon was the one who killed both of her parents, it is not going to be good. Then again, she may be able to help Jeremy move on, so maybe she should stick around for that.

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