Grace Potter Makes Triumphant Return with “Daylight” Tour

8 min 2 yrs

The crown jewel of Washington D.C.’s Wharf revitalization project, The Anthem opened its doors more than two years ago, quickly establishing itself as the top venue for performers visiting the District. It’s hard to believe that after all this time, the concert destination could still be celebrating firsts, but that’s exactly what transpired Saturday night when Grace Potter graced the venue’s stage for the very first time. Having taken some time away from music the past few years, her last tour, which included multiple sold out nights at the 9:30 Club, pre-dated The Anthem’s opening by more than a year. Her triumphant return to the nation’s capital made for a “special night,” as she expressed, not only because of her return to touring with her new album, “Daylight,” but because of her rediscovering her passion for music, and for performing, before our very eyes.

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