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On this animatey, totally insaney, online media reigney edition of THE INTERVUE, the Animaniacs are back and are ready for the sophomore season on HULU to being tomorrow!

Yakko, Wakko and Dot return for an all-new season of this iconic, family-friendly series with something for everyone: pop culture parodies, musical showstoppers, takedowns of historical baddies…and even some important safety tips. Join the Warners and Pinky and the Brain as they wreak havoc everywhere they go, from the Warner Bros. lot to an international beauty pageant and all the way into outer space. And keep an eye out for season one favorites Starbox & Cindy, as well as some rejected Animaniacs characters that were left on the cutting room floor.

I recently sat down and living a childhood dream come true of interviewing the cast, the voices themselves – Rob Paulsen who plays Yakko Warner & Pinky, Jess Harnell who plays Wakko Warner, Tress MacNeille who plays Dot Warner, Maurice LaMarche who plays The Brain and Co-Executive Producer Gabe Starr to talk about their favorite moments of Season 1 of the new series and Heeeere’s what they had to say….

Tress MacNeille (TM) : Dean Rogers (in a sing-sing fashion)

Oh, my goodness Tress making me blush right now.

Jess Harnell (JH): (in the Wakko Warner voice) Hello Dean!

Hello Jess. Nice to see you. Again. We saw each other at AwesomeCon a few years ago. So it’s great to talk all three of you. My question is, we’re about to start our second season on HULU on November 5 and I want to know what was your favorite segment of the very first season? From all three of you?

TM: Of this iteration or the….

DR: of this iteration not way back. But this?

TM: Well, for me, I hope you don’t mind my speaking first, Jess, I would just like to get in my vote for all episodes that have me involved as the star. Those are the ones that are really really good in my opinion, those stick out in my mind.


JH: I love I love the IT parody that we did, I thought the Halloween show with when we’re, by the way in one of the many, many subtle tips of they had the great writers of the show and artists behind the show give. They were dressed as the Marx Brothers, which is so cool because the Animaniacs, Yakko Wakko  & Dot and originally sort of based on the Marx Brothers, so they have them on those costumes that that was fantastic. But I really really love that episode. Gabe, what about you? What do you think?

GS: I’m also with you like one of my favorites is the Halloween episode with Pinky & the Brain I loved. I love that one, it was great. Great job, right?

And how to agree that the Halloween episode was my favorite episode, and just to hear you say it. Excellent. Thank you guys so much!

JH: Dean, it just goes to show you that you have impeccable taste man, that’s all that means. Oh, thank you!

TM: Don’t forget my zit song.

Yeah. I still have that song stuck in my head!

TM: I’m so sorry.

JH: No, that was great.

Next we have Pinky & the Brain themselves – Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, whom we invited during our tenth anniversary of the magazine!

Rob Paulsen: I have to say that I really enjoyed the sort of Murder on the Orient Express show, that episode that one I quite enjoyed. Also, because Tress MacNeille played this, you know, is very grand, grand dame and she’s just such a gas to listen to. So I really enjoyed that one.

Maurice LaMarche: I was particularly fond of the episode where brain constructs a sun. And you know that I got to sing a song in that and I didn’t go off key too much. They just use a couple of takes where I managed to hit all the notes and cobble them together. Frankenstein style. I love that I got to play a lot of emotional notes in that it was the end of very, very heartwarming show.

Well, those two grades episodes, thank you both so much. It’s great. Talk to you again.

Animaniacs Season Two begins TODAY on HULU – Still animatey, totally insaney!