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Our exclusive interviews on A Capital Fourth continues with the multi-talented Mark McGrath. He will be performing with The Beach Boys with host John Stamos on the song “Do It Again”

So, is this your first time performing at a Capital Fourth?

Mark McGrath: It’s my first time performing, having the pleasure to perform here. It’s something else; it’s breathtaking. It’s hard for me to find words and articulate what it means to me. Watching Capital Fourth on PBS all these years growing up; watching The Beach Boys. I’m actually performing with The Beach Boys.

(excitedly) I know!

I was so nervous during sound check. I didn’t know what to do. These guys are such legends in my eyes. I’ve known John a long time–John Stamos–so he’s talked me off the ledge a little bit. But it’s truly amazing. Watching it on TV, you feel proud to be American, but when you’re here, it’s something special. There’s a tangible quality of being here on the Capital Fourth. It’s an honor.

Yes, it is. Especially since you’re performing with The America’s Band, you’re with John Stamos, you’re doing “Do It Again”. Your heart must be racing. I wish I could take your place and you could do this and I could be onstage with The Beach Boys.

Well, listen, you’ve got enough personality. I bet you’re not far away from that. But I’ve been fakin’ it for years, believe me. But like I said, growing up in Newport Beach, CA, The Beach Boys were the soundtrack to my life, and still are today. And to have the chance to be onstage with them, it’s breathtaking. And the Capitol building’s behind us, you’re looking over the Mall. I wish I could articulate to the viewers how much this means to me. It’s the highlight of my music career, it truly is.

Absolutely. I’ve got to ask, what’s your favorite Beach Boy song?

Well, there’s so many. “I’d do it again” right now is right up there, because I got to do a duet with Mike on that one. But “God Only Knows” speaks to me on a spiritual and religious level. There’s something to that song that transposes one to the ethereal, if you will and it’s very celestial. So “God Only Knows” I’m going to go with. But ask me in five minutes, it’ll be a different Beach Boys song.

Thanks Mark for the interview! We’ll have more from A Capitol Fourth, stay tuned!