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On this edition of THE INTERVUE, we are gaining insight on the newest Netflix series Space Force, which premiered on May 29th! Space Force tells the story of Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell), a decorated pilot with dreams of running the Air Force. His world is suddenly turned upside down when he is instead tapped to lead the newly formed sixth branch of the US Armed Forces: Space Force. The workplace comedy series follows his journey as he is tasked to find new recruits, train them and prepare them for their ultimate goal to get “boots on the moon” per the orders of the President. 

Our guest today plays “Julio” a dimwitted, yet driven new recruit being trained for the Space Force mission but you seen him in his breakout role in Disney’s McFarland USA. Friends of TRR, Let’s meet Hector Duran

Let’s talk about your general career. You are practically representing a generation of stars in the entertainment industry, how does that feel?

Generally speaking, it’s been a long journey for me. I been acting since I was about nine years old and since then I’ve been auditioning and fortunately, I’ve been a part of a few big projects. And I feel that every time I get a project it opens the door for me to get something bigger in this case you know I did a pilot in 2012 with Roseanne Barr and John Goodman. Unfortunately, it didn’t get picked up but that gives me some experience in the comedy, And then I did a movie in 2015 called McFarland USA and then I thought those things let the foundation for me being able to be apart Space Force which is a hilarious show.

You’re a part of the original Netflix series Space Force, tell us what it is about?

Space Force is a comedy series centered around Steve Carell & John Malkovich for tasked with creating the sixth branch of the military, The Space Force. it’s similar to The Office but the characters are much different.

Tell us about the casting? How was your experience? 

The casting was actually really fun. They gave me a script to read and the audition was part script, part impromptu. So what they did is that they had me read what was written and then they had me in call to completely brand new scenes and they just gave me the environment that I’m in and they said go and make up the scene. I think the first one had me improv. They said “you and your friend are debating whose house you should go to after school” and  action and you have to just make the scene. Well, I think the second they told me was your rocket ship to the moon and arguing about who is gonna get out first. That’s all that the audition was it was really fun.

This series features superstars such as Steve Carell, John Malkovich, and others, how do you feel working alongside them? 

First off, I felt very honored but to be 100 percent honest you know working with Steve Carell, Greg Daniels, John Malkovich is like taking a master class in comedy. I feel so fortunate to be part of this project because I’ve learned so much from these comical geniuses. They’re just so smart and it’s been doing this for so long that you know even the smallest adjustments they make are learning experiences for me.

You aren’t just an actor? You also work on real estate, how do you balance all that? 

Well, I’ve been in real estate for over four years now and I would say Real Estate has allowed me to continue to pursue my dream of acting. You know, fortunately, I work hard Real Estate and in my free time I do auditions I go to acting classes and I’m continuing to pursue my career. And I think the way I balance it is just working as much as I can in Real Estate and setting a specific schedule for when I’m gonna do the acting classes, auditions, or filming.  

What future projects do you have and how far do you want to go in the future in the film industry?

Great question. In the film industry, my ultimate goal is to create my own production company similar to Greg Daniels, the creator of The Office, has done. I would like to write my own projects produce them, act in them and maybe direct them as well. That’s the ultimate goal is become so successful as an actor that I can afford to create my own projects.

How was your quarantine? 

My first couple weeks of quarantine were not that fun because I was really bored and didn’t know what to do but recently I’ve been doing a lot of exercises, I’ve been doing acting classes via Zoom with some of my fellow actors and I’ve also been working in a real state so I’ve been keeping myself busy very busy and very productive.

Since there is an actual Space Force, would you sign up?

That’s a great question the answer is yes I always tell people that If I wasn’t in real estate or if I wasn’t an actor I would want to be either pilot or an astronaut so I’ve always had an interest in aeronautics or aerospace and I think if I didn’t have to work in real estate or acting I would definitely sign up for space force.

Tell our audience why we should watch this series? 

First of all, this is Steve Carell comes back to television after so many years but besides that, the cast it’s a group of extremely talented very experienced actors who had created this amazing show and the first season ends and a very major cliffhanger so I don’t want to tell you what it is you must watch it you’re gonna love how ends very exciting.

 Space Force, the first season, now showing on Netflix