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Blindspot “Persecute Envoys”

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Mayfair reveals details of Operation Daylight and the crew investigates the murder of three cops…

So, Operation Daylight was the brainchild of someone in the White House to give cover for illegally obtained data. Basically, the NSA used its resources to obtain a whole lot of data which it could not use under normal circumstances. Because the data confirmed that there were crimes, it was decided that the CIA and FBI would say that they got the information from informants, thereby “sanitizing” it and making it technically legal to use (sort of). Bethany wanted nothing to do with the whole thing, but Carter and Sophia Varma, the Deputy White House Political Director and Bethany’s girlfriend, persuaded her to go along. The information came out and the White House denied the whole thing, causing Varma to ask Bethany to leave and, when Bethany refused, to take her own life.


Can’t say I blame Bethany for wanting to keep this one under wraps. She seems to be a genuinely good person who succumbed to pressure and did something she knew she shouldn’t have done. By telling Weller, she placed her future in his hands. Had he chosen to reveal everything, it would have sunk her and Carter and it would have tainted any prosecution that she was involved in, whether or not the evidence from Daylight was used in the trial. If a conviction was obtained using illegally gathered information, the person convicted would have been immediately freed and would not have been able to be prosecuted again for the same crimes. Any other defendant would have had a decent shot at getting a retrial or something because they could argue that the evidence in their case could have been tainted. Not a good thing. So by telling Weller everything, Bethany has made him an accessory after the fact. When this all comes out (an you know it will!), the mess is going to be of biblical proportions.


I really can’t blame Weller for being so angry with Bethany. She screwed up and broke the law ten ways Sunday, shattering his trust in her in the process. I honestly don’t know if she is ever going to get it back. The good thing is that he seems to accept that she is not a bad person, which will make it easier for him to forgive her and deal with what happened. Given the way he drank with his dad in the end, I suspect that learning about this situation will change how he views people.


As for the case of the week, it was pretty interesting and sort of paralleled what Bethany had gone through. The difference is that the dirty cops involved in the case didn’t even try to make up for what they did; instead they worked feverishly to cover it up. No wonder the captain wasn’t thrilled with the FBI coming in a taking over the investigation. If it was internal, he could have contained everything. Since the FBI was involved, the best he could do was keep an eye on the investigation.

I’m not sure whether or not to feel sorry for Zapata. If she honestly thought that Carter would just let her go, she is either extremely naïve or very deluded. I can only hope that she has told either Weller or Bethany about what is going on and is trying to go undercover to expose Carter. Long shot, granted, but I can still hope.

Until next week!