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Blindspot “Any Wounded Thief”

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Jane experiences some memories of Weller while the gang chases down thieves who stole chemical weapons. Meanwhile, Patterson experiences a flash from the past and Weller and Reed have words.

Poor Patterson, It’s her and David’s one year anniversary and she starts getting reminders of him, such as a restaurant reservation. I was glad that the therapist wisely told her to go through with everything. She has never really grieved for David and I think tonight was a good start to that. Unfortunately, she found that answer in the crossword puzzle “Got One Patterson”, which apparently he planted at some point. Did he really arrange for that puzzle to say that, was it just a coincidence, or did someone else set the puzzle up hoping to get her attention? Only time will tell apparently. And given the preview for next week, it looks like the answers might be quickly forthcoming.


There was definitely more than just a little bit of tenseness between Weller and Reed tonight after Weller’s sister moved away and Reed told him that they broke up. And even Mayfair is noticing that things are off, although her noticing has mostly to do with the lies Reed told her last week about not finding anything out. I just wonder how much longer he’ll be able to keep lying to her about this.

I must admit to being a little confused by the flashbacks that Jane was having. They seemed to be relatively recent and they also seemed to be of a memorial for Taylor. The question is why her mother was still having a memorial so many years later. I get marking the day on your own, but to have a service like that with lots of people seems to be a little odd. Totally not a huge thing, but it was a little weird.


Jane and Oscar appear to officially be a thing now. After weeks of teasing and everything, they have officially consummated their relationship after he told her that he hated seeing her get closer to Weller. I wondered how long it was going to take those crazy kids to get back together because the tension between them has been pretty thick, particularly with all of his threats and what not. I do wonder if her feelings for him are real or if this is her way of getting closer to him to figure out what is going on. Either one is equally likely, so it is up for debate at this point.

BLINDSPOT -- "Scientists Hollow Fortune" Episode 112 -- Pictured: Ashley Johnson as Patterson -- (Photo by: {Paul Sarkis/NBC)
BLINDSPOT — “Scientists Hollow Fortune” Episode 112 — Pictured: Ashley Johnson as Patterson — (Photo by: {Paul Sarkis/NBC)

Watching Jane jump through that window onto the trading floor was pretty cool. It was about the only way she could save all those people from an attack, so it was needed. Still cool though. It did seem like an awfully big drop though, so I am wonder how she wasn’t hurt. I know that she rolled and everything, but it still seemed like a long way to drop and get up unharmed. Just saying.

Until next week!