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NETworks LLC presents Cole Porter’s Broadway classic, “Anything Goes” at DC’s famed Warner Theatre. As any of you who follow me know, I am always leery of large scale, non-Union tours. In the past, I have been cautious about the hits, or misses from this production company, and I have to say that since I gave them a second chance, I have been very happy to be an audience member. “Anything Goes” is no exception and if anything, it is the perfect example of giving something another chance.

When you’re dealing with a non-Union tour, there is a stigma that goes along with it; a concern of the level of talent. Well, have no concern here. This show is a triumph. The costumes and sets are right in line with the Broadway production. The wigs and make-up are ultra professional and the choreography is stunningly executed. None of that would be anything without a cast to pull it off. This cast sells Cole Porter, better than Porter himself could.

With good timing, superb diction the entire cast really delivers. Some things could have been pushed further than they were, but overall a great production. Emma Stratton had big shoes to fill, as Sutton Foster played (and won the Tony) for this revival. Stratton does a fine job, but as the character is a singer and performer, I would have liked her a bit bigger and bawdier. But Stratton is very good and the audience loved her. Brian Krinsky (Billy) is a tall, shoulder type, but uses his acting to command the stage, not his stature. I enjoyed his voice, but unfortunately once the orchestra was full blare, it was lost. He is not the only one that had this happen.

The mics needed some adjusting throughout the show. For me, the characters were very solid and I had no complaints about the casting in general. Everyone handled his or her parts with precision and grace. Having said that, I didn’t feel that anyone really stood out, so it made for a great ensemble effort show. But a fantastic one at that! This is one of those shows. If you were looking to put on a large production, with a wide berth of characters…this would be a great choice.

I highly recommend that the next time you see that there is a NETworks production touring by you, you should go see it and enjoy some good quality entertainment!

For future shows at the Warner Theatre, go to www.warnertheatredc.com and for NETworks tour dates, go to www.networksontour.com\