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Young Mammals “Jaguar”

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Picture this if you will… The glistening sun shining off your aviator sunglasses, a 1967 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible with top down, and the unlimited open roads of Route 66 at the disposal of your planted right foot on the accelerator.  What does all of this scenic imagery have in common?  They are the breeding grounds and the perfect cocktail of happiness for Young Mammals newest album release, “Jaguar”.

This classic American sound hits the sweetest notes and instantly catapults you to a time of letterman jackets, long legged beauties on roller skates, and chocolate malts at the drive-in.  The original “Netflix and Chill” for our younger audience.

The opening track, “Crane”, delivers a slamming guitar riff that lead singer Carlos Sanchez vibes with incredibly well.  The self-titled album single “Jaguar” brings an Aerosmith-esque feeling where one would certainly feel the need to recruit Alicia Silverstone as lead for the video.  She might be more of a cougar these days, but you get what I’m trying to say.  The transition into the more laid back tracks such as, “Mango Beach” and “Heavenly”, commence your inner tree hugger and unleashes that free spirit, delivering a much smoother and slower brand of music, giving you a euphoric feeling that once encapsulated the 70’s.  “Turfed” features a synthy and sawlike bassline that is approving of most James Bond films, while “I’m Sleeping” is reminiscent of lake house summer days, followed by a classy, wine induced evening’s with Stifler’s mom.  Well done Finch.

To wrap it all up, Jaguar has brought back a sound that isn’t often heard in today’s musical climate.  It’s easy being drowned in a sea of the same 20 modern pop/rock songs in endless rotation, however Young Mammals have managed to deliver a fresh, robust, upbeat sampling of Americana that brings back a great feeling even Donald Trump would be proud of.  You can leave the De