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The Vampire Diaries “Woke With a Monster”

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Woke Up With a Monster

Elena deals with Kai while Damon searches for her, Caroline looks for a cure for her mom while Stefan accompanies her, and the twins and Jo deal with the possibility of merging…

Please raise your hand if you thought that Caroline had a chance of actually healing her mother. If you raised your hand, consider yourself slapped across the back of the head. If it wasn’t obvious enough from all of the warnings, a basic knowledge of cancer would explain why it can’t be cured by vampire blood. Most injuries that have been healed using vampire blood deal with repairing damaged tissue or bones. Cancer is entirely different. Most (if not all) cancers are genetic mutations and thus not susceptible to normal healing. Chemo and other cancer treatments that I am aware of (and I am not an oncologist) concentrate on killing or removing the cancer cells, thereby eradicating the disease. Unlike the other injuries we have seen, there is no physical damage to be fixed, rather you have actual genetic or cellular damage that the vampire blood cannot fix.


That being said, I get why Caroline is looking for a cure. Given the fact that they are immersed in magic, the gang is used to finding magical cheats that allow them to get around death. In this case, there is nothing that can be done. In fact, as we saw, Caroline just made the situation even worse. She desperately wants to save her mom, so she is grasping at any straws that present themselves. It is possible that there may be a magical cure, but I sort of doubt it.

Woke Up With a Monster

Is it wrong that I find Kai alluring? Granted, he is a complete sociopath, but there is just something about him. I would love to have him stay on as a villain because Chris Wood is obviously having a lot of fun and is such a breath of fresh air. I don’t see how they can have him stay on, but I would love it if he did. Watching him talk about the magic he has done as if it was perfectly normal to kill someone with a spell was a little disturbing, but also sort of fun.

Woke Up With a Monster

Honestly, aside from Kai, I am not fond of anyone else in his family. Liv and Luke are just tedious and annoying and while I like Jo as a girlfriend for Alaric, there isn’t much else to her. Speaking of new additions to this season, I can’t wait for Enzo to be gone because he is just annoying and not very fun. And I feel the same way about Tyler. If they all disappeared right now, it wouldn’t be too soon.

Woke Up With a Monster

It was definitely nice to see Stefan and Caroline rebonding. It’s nice to see him be interested in someone other than Elena, so that is nice. And he is being such a rock for and a voice of reason to Caroline. Admittedly, she doesn’t listen to him very often, but he is still there for her. I do hope he tells Damon about Sarah because I do think Damon deserves to know about her. I think that Damon could handle what he did at this point and I think it would be nice for him to learn that he has more family.

Woke Up With a Monster

Am I the only one who saw a flash of Katherine in Elena when she pretended that there was wood working its way to her heart? That just seemed a little cruel for her. A little funny, but crueler than she normally is.

Until next week!