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The Vampire Diaries: Do You Remember the First Time?

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Damon tries to help Elena remember what they had, Enzo clues Stefan into Caroline’s feelings, Jo and Alaric have a good date, Kai and Bonnie have a confrontation, and Matt is shaken…

Do You Remember The First Time?

Wow, life really does suck for Damon right now. The love of his life cannot remember what they had and is dating someone else. In the good news category, she is trying to remember what they had and is even willing to risk death in order to force the memories to come to the surface. I think the most frustrating thing for him is that he would not have erased the memories if their situations had been reversed. I do think he would have turned off his emotions or done something else to dull the pain, so I don’t think he was being totally honest. Leaving Elena at the end of the episode must have been one of the hardest things he has ever done, particularly since she was starting to have vague memories of their time together. In the other good news category, he does know that Bonnie is alive and he is in possession of her bear which contains her magic. I am curious as to how that is going to change things.


I feel almost as bad for Elena. She likes Liam a lot, but she has the huge hole in her memories of something that she knows should be there but isn’t. That has to be immensely frustrating for her. I shouldn’t be surprised that she went over the border in an attempt to break Alaric’s compulsion, but I was. She can be so focused on what she wants that she will harm herself in order to accomplish it. Then you have her advice from Caroline, which is nowhere near unbiased. Caroline (for good reason) has never approved of Damon and Elena together, so I am not expecting much from her right now.

Do You Remember The First Time?

Speaking of Caroline, I would have felt bad about the embarrassment she underwent at the hands of Enzo if it hadn’t been for the fact that the embarrassment was an honest attempt to help her. A little mean-spirited, but still an attempt to help. Stefan has been so clueless about Caroline’s feelings that someone needed to give him that good solid smack upside the head with a 2×4 to get him to see what has been the elephant in the room. She was being a little unfair to Stefan when she said that if he felt the way she did he would never have left. He thought he had lost his brother and his hometown, so he wanted to get away. I don’t think he feels quite the same way about her that she feels about him, but I suspect that he has also never really thought about it because (until recently) he has been in the middle of Salvatore-Elena drama and hasn’t thought about *ANYONE* that way. They do say that hate and love are two sides of the same coin, so the fact that she hates him is not necessarily a bad thing…

Do You Remember The First Time?

Bonnie was really smart. Since Kai can drain magic to use on his own, she put her magic into her bear and sent it back to the real world. Presumably, that should trap her and Kai in the hell they are in, but I am betting that Jo is somehow going to be instrumental in bringing Bonnie back. I just hope that she can do it without bringing Kai back or somehow prepares herself to bring him back because, unless I am very mistaken, he is the brother who tried to kill her. That is going to be incredibly awkward.

Do You Remember The First Time?

Then there is Liam. Meeting a supposedly dead ex is very awkward. And then said ex compels him and leaves with Elena. Yeah, that is definitely going to be awkward. Compound that with his knowledge that the girl Elena helped has undergone some seriously radical healing and that Elena knows something and the awkwardness gets ratcheted up another level.

Do You Remember The First Time?

Matt has been caught is a really bad situation.  He wants Mystic Falls to stay safe, but at the same time he wants his friends to be safe, too.  Tripp, unfortunately, is not helping with the second and that is why Matt turned on him.  But when Enzo turned Tripp into a vampire so he would die when he stepped over the border, Matt was definitely upset and shocked.  I hope this doesn’t portend some kind of revenge story for Matt, because that would end badly.  Also, when the heck did Enzo have time to turn Tripp?  The process normally takes a while, and wouldn’t Tripp notice that his throat had been cut?  The other thing that gets me is that most new vampires feel different, so why didn’t Tripp?  Sorry, but as much as I enjoyed Tripp getting his comeuppance, it felt like *REALLY* lazy and shoddy writing.


Until next week!