The Rogers Revue

The Entertainment Capitol

Derrick Dunn


Since the age of three when I can recall seeing my first movie Beverly Hills Cop in a movie theater I’ve always loved going to the movies. On average I try and see a minimum of at least one movie in the theater per weekend currently have an ever growing collection of DVD’S & Blu Rays which is easily in the 2K plus range. Growing up I had a vast love of cinema, which my mother always seemed to encourage as oppose to sports. Initially my dream was to be a film maker, and while I was always enjoyed writing as a hobby, I didn’t get serious about writing until my senior year of high school when I moved to El Paso, Texas. The closet thing my high school had to a film program, was a journalism program and from I became the entertainment reporter.

I initially began to purse Broadcast Journalism as a career but fate had other plans for me and I ended up the Air Force. During my time in the Air Force, I was one of the most well-known DJ’s at my duty station primarily due to my slow jam mix CD’s as well of my love for old school music. While in the UK, I spent my free time writing entertainment reviews on Amazon and IMDB, but never thought about taking it serious.

As social media became more popular throughout the years, I would also share my thoughts on a movie, concert or album and numerous friends would tell me that I should pursue it at least as a hobby. In the summer of 2017, I finally took everyone’s advice and began to write for The Roger’s Revue. Since then I have covered numerous events in the DMV and one-day hope to finish my first novel.