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The Originals: Wheel Inside the Wheel

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In this episode of “The Originals,” we see someone who scares Esther, Cami discovers the truth about Finn, Esther learns the truth about Mikael and Kol, Klaus meets his father, and Hayley sets out on a mission…

Wheel Inside The Wheel

Wow, this was so not Esther’s week.  She may have her hands on Elijah, but Klaus (as always) is infinitely slipperier.  He also lays some truth on her that obviously has her rattled.  When he told her that Mikael was back and that Kol knew, she was shaken and he managed to twist the knife just a little bit more for good measure.

Wheel Inside The Wheel

Seeing the past about her and her sister was definitely interesting.  Turns out Esther was having trouble conceiving and had given up magic, so she went to her sister Dalia to get a fertility spell.  As everyone knows, magic comes with a price.  The price for fertility?  Esther’s firstborn and the firstborn of every future generation of Mikaelsons.  Which, up to now, has not been an issue what with them being vampires and all.  But now that Hope has been born, she belongs to Dalia.  If Dalia does not get her price, she will come after all of the Mikaelsons and that has Esther worried.  If someone can worry Esther, that is someone who is so not to be trifled with.  Oh, and Freya (the first born of Esther and Mikael) did not die of the plague.  Rather, she was taken away by Dalia.  I so hope we don’t have another Mikaelson sibling on our hands because this is bad enough as it is.

Wheel Inside The Wheel

So Klaus’ true father is back from the Other Side, dragged back by Esther before it collapsed last year.  And he is one badass mofo.  He is also apparently a king among werewolves because he has no qualms ordering Hayley around and is super protective of his wolves, although he will kill them if he needs to.  Klaus, naturally, is not thrilled with the prospect of another parent coming back.  If Ansel ever runs into Mikael…I shudder.  Those two would have to hate each other with a passion that would be of a similar magnitude of Klaus and Mikael, particularly since Mikael killed Ansel and then hung him on a stake.  I don’t know if Ansel would stand much of a chance against Mikael, but he would probably make a good showing of himself.

Wheel Inside The Wheel

So Cami now knows that her advisor is Finn and she is not happy about it.  But she also has a weapon she can use against Finn: herself.  Bat her eyelashes a few times and give him some winsome looks and he will be in her power.  Wonder what Esther is going to make of that development.  Cami does need to be careful about inserting herself in the middle of this Mikaelson war because she is the most likely to end up as collateral damage.  Everyone else has a supernatural advantage of some sort, which she definitively does not.  But she does have 2 protectors in the forms of Klaus and Marcel, so she might stand a chance.  And Davina seems fond of her, so she may not be so bad off after all.

Wheel inside The Wheel

Hayley is definitely stepping up to the plate.  She rescued Oliver this week and tried to get Jackson to help her (which is where she found Ansel).  While she couldn’t get Jackson to help, rescuing Oliver seems to have an impact on him, so hopefully he’ll step up now.

Oh and Esther, slitting your son’s throat is *NOT* good parenting.  Just FYI.


Until next week!