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Welcome to Paradise

Post-Damon wiped Elena worries about everyone else, Caroline makes a confession, Enzo continues to be a dick, Stefan makes a surprising move, Matt and Tyler make a disturbing discovery, and Damon and Bonnie meet someone new….

Was anyone else slightly disturbed by Elena tonight? I totally get why she is acting the way she is, but it is still odd to see her so happy all the time. It is also really sad that it took a mind wipe to make her that happy. At least she was able to notice that Caroline was not happy and tried to take steps to take Jeremy in hand. Unfortunately for her, Sarah remembers everything that Elena did because the compulsion Caroline laid on her ended when she crossed the Travelers’ border spell. This is not good.

That being said, I cannot blame her for running away. Well, mostly. To be honest, if I were hooking up with Jeremy, I don’t know if I could tear myself away. Shameless? Yes, but damn, is he good looking without a shirt or what? (Ok, back to the episode now.)

Welcome to Paradise

I really hope Jeremy doesn’t just blow Elena’s words off. I totally get why he is acting the way he is (look at what I said in the premiere about his history with girls), but he needs to buck up and help his sister out. I hope that he, Matt, and Tyler can work together to figure out what is going on in Mystic Falls and maybe even find a way to bring down the barrier.

Which leads me to Caroline. That poor girl is having some serious issues right now. Her remaining best friend has been mind wiped (at her own insistence), her other best friend is (supposedly) dead, she can’t go back home, and the guy she likes is completely ignoring her and seemingly oblivious to her feelings. At least Elena can concentrate on helping her out. And unless I am very much mistaken, Elena has cleared the way for Caroline to pursue Stefan if she wants to. Which is a good thing, because the guy Elena tried to hook her up with is more interested in Elena than her.

Welcome to Paradise

Half the time I want to kill Enzo and the other half I want to thank him. I am glad he saved Stefan, but he is also almost as big of a dick as season 1 Damon was. He has serious impulse control issues and seems to revel in the damage he can cause. Caroline tried to warn him to keep a low profile, but Enzo really doesn’t care. And Stefan certainly got a measure of revenge by shooting him with the stakes and leaving him for Tripp.

I must admit that Stefan is almost as big of a dick as Enzo is right now. Granted, the revenge thing is totally understandable (or, laudable), but the way he is treating Caroline is just stupid. He is so wrapped up in his need to get away that he is oblivious to the fact that she has serious feelings for him and has for some time. Hopefully someone will slap him across the face with reality soon.

Welcome to Paradise

Tripp is training others to be vampire hunters? Oh boy…. Well, at least Matt knows now, so he can keep an eye on things. And Tyler needs to be careful with Liv. That is a pairing I really don’t care for, but then again I can’t stand either character….

Bonnie has her magic back, which is good. The bad news is that she and Damon have made a new acquaintance who claimed that he forced her to get her powers back to get out from whatever hell they are in. Raise your hand if you actually trust this guy. No hands? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Bad, bad, bad news…

Until next week!