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Stefan and Valerie try to help Caroline and the babies, we learn about Reyna’s backstory, and Stefan makes a sacrifice for Damon…

Reyna, the huntress, is the daughter of one of the Brotherhood of Five. Remember them from season 4? In 1842, she begged her father to train her so she could kill vampires. Interestingly, we now know that the Hunter’s Mark is not automatically passed down through a bloodline, at least not to females of a bloodline. I don’t think we’ve seen a member of the Five who had a child, so that has been a bit of an open question. We know she wasn’t even a potential Hunter because she couldn’t see her father’s tattoos.

Anyway, she became the mighty huntress she is now after she got seven or eight shamans to give her longer life and power, after Julian forced her to kill her own father, by sacrificing themselves. At the same time, they created her sword and the Phoenix Stone to help her hunt and kill vampires. I wonder if Bonnie’s magic wouldn’t affect her. It could simply be protections of some sort, or it could be that shamanistic magic is different enough from witch magic that she simply couldn’t do anything. After all, we do know that there are different types of magic: nature, ancestral, Expression, gypsy, and now shamanistic. It is entirely possible that one type of magic can somehow be immune to other types. Interesting idea there.

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Stefan is having a really, really, no good, very bad day. First off, his girlfriend’s babies (from another man!) are desiccating her by absorbing her magic and refusing to be born. So, he got Valerie and the other Heretics to use magic in an effort to persuade the babies to come out of Caroline. On top of that, he is dealing with the grief from his brother killing Elena and then he gets stabbed in the shoulder by Reyna, thereby marking him and ensuring that he would be hunted by her until she kills him. Yeah, his day sucks.

Damon’s day isn’t much better. He is so wracked with guilt about what happened to Elena that he is willing to allow Reyna to kill him because he is already in hell.   Then his brother shows up and gets stabbed for him. Yeah, that just sucks all around. On the good news front, Enzo says that he and Tyler switched out Elena’s coffin for an empty coffin and that Elena is safe. My only question about this is why on earth did Tyler go to Enzo of all people? That really does not make a whole lot of sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have confirmation that Elena’s alive (not that I really thought she was dead!), but that is just a weird person to go to. So now Elena’s in New York with some of Enzo’s friends. I am assuming that is where we saw Damon in the flash forward when he was coming out of the coffin. I honestly don’t remember.

At this point, I am trying to figure out where this season is going. We’ve gotten rid of Lily and Julian and the Heretics and Stefan are on the run from Reyna, so reclaiming Mystic Falls should be relatively simple. They just need to figure out a way to get rid of the vampires who are currently living there. I am also wondering if this season will end with a time jump ahead to the end of the three years. I would assume so, but am curious.


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