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The Vampire Diaries “Mommie Dearest”

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Stefan has a plan to get rid of Julian, Caroline and Valerie bond, Enzo and Bonnie look for a car, and Lily reveals some information that leaves her sons reeling….

I will want to know who this person is who is obsessively hunting the Salvatores. Whoever she is, she carved the symbol into Stefan’s chest and is currently holding Caroline somewhere other than the TV station, which Damon found out when he went to save her and got shot in the back for his trouble.

The brothers certainly got thrown for a major loop by Lily tonight. First off, she bound herself to Julian in order to protect him from her sons. Second, she had planned on leaving their father with the brothers in order to protect them from him. Unfortunately, the plan ended up getting nixed because Giuseppe figure it out. And can I say that I am glad that man is dead? I knew that he was a bastard to the brothers, but putting out a cigar on your son’s arm? That is a whole new level. If they hadn’t killed him, I’d be tempted to do so myself.

Assuming that everything Lily said is true, it actually makes a sort of sense why she stayed. While she knew how abusive Giuseppe was, she wanted to make sure that she would be able to escape with her sons in order to keep them safe. Given her attitude towards her new family, that actually makes sense. While she can be fairly reserved, she also has a streak of momma bear in her, she just shows it in a different manner than most.

Given the parallels between Giuseppe and Julian, I hope that her decision to turn against Julian at the end was genuine. She seems to have finally realized how awful he is, so here’s hoping she actually carries through with everything and this is not just a ploy of some sort.

Watching Caroline and Valerie bond over babies was interesting. These two seem to have come to a bit of a détente. Caroline knows what Julian did to Valerie and obviously has a lot of compassion for the situation. I am going to be interested to see her reaction when she realizes that Stefan knew about this and didn’t tell her. I’ll be honest and say that this is a time when she probably deserved to know. I know I am normally about it’s none of your business, but this situation is different because of the romantic angle as opposed to merely friends angle.

So the sword that Enzo and Bonnie found can kill a vampire when it is paired with the Phoenix stone? Oops. And the fact that Damon stabbed Julian, knowing that he was bound to Lily and thinking that the sword would kill him is just cold. Granted, he has ample justification for what he did, but it was still cold.

As far as Matt goes, I’m not holding out much hope for this story. He is one of the characters who has consistently gotten short shrift, so I am suspecting that will happen again. I hope I’m wrong though.

Next episode in two weeks. See you then!