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Alaric and Jo head towards the altar, which always means trouble, Stefan and Elena work together to force Damon to consider his future, and Caroline does the amends tour…

Can anyone truly blame Stefan and Elena for wanting to be sure that Damon had thought everything through thoroughly?  While he does love Elena, Damon is also beyond mercurial and not the most stable person in the world.  He is impulsive, passionate, and prone to acting without thinking.  If he is going to be a human again and be with Elena, she wanted to be sure that he truly wants it.  And Stefan wants to make sure his brother and friend (as well as ex-girlfriend) are going to be happy together and not regret their actions.  Was it cruel?  Sure, but with Damon the direct approach is important.  He seemed to get that, which would explain why he was able to take the whole thing so calmly.  At this point, I do not think that either Stefan or Elena would even try and stop him because he has honestly thought about it and considered everything.  You know it is not going to be that simple.  I can’t imagine the show losing both Elena and Damon, so I am expecting that Damon will remain a vampire while Elena leaves or dies.


Watching Caroline in wedding planner mode was all sorts of fun.  Organizing people and events is the sort of thing she excels at.Watching her step right in a completely take charge was just the thing that we needed to see.  Having her combine that with her apology tour was a good thing.  I wish we could have seen her apologize to Matt, particularly seeing as she has done so much damage to him recently.  Then again, he probably has little to no desire to forgive her for what she has done, given his stance on vampires as of late.  Watching her and Stefan was almost painful.  I do get that she wants to make sure she has control and can stand on her own, but pushing Stefan away may not be the best option for her.


Then there was her talk with Tyler.  To be honest, I am getting very tired of people on shows like this refusing to listen to the voice of experience.  If someone has done something that they regret or knows what something is like, it behooves you to listen to them. /  If they are trying to help you avoid that path, it does not make them a hypocrite.  What would make them a hypocrite is if they were actively looking to do something that they are telling others not to do.  I get that Tyler’s talk with Liv went badly and that was mostly on her.  She was the reason for their breakup and she is blaming him.  But the way he talked to Caroline was just wrong.  Dude, she’s trying to help.  I so want to smack both Liv and Tyler for being idiots and refusing to listen to Tyler and Caroline (respectively) when words of wisdom were offered.


Watching Jo be a panicked bride was actually fun, especially because all of her worries were perfectly normal.  There was nothing supernatural threatening the wedding (well, until Kai that is), so she was just focused on the dress, shoes, etc.  Even her fainting was perfectly normal.  Which meant, naturally, that something horribly supernatural had to happen and that was Kai’s appearance.  Stabbing Jo in the gut and then using his magic to disable everyone and make the glass explode?  That is what we calla good entrance. My only question is how the hell did he get back?  There is no more Ascendant and there was no Bennet blood around.  I am assuming that the wedding had its part to play, but how could Kai have known about that?  Hope they tell us all about this next week.


Tonight, my review of The Originals season finale and then the Vampire Diaries season finale on Thursday.  Until then!