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Elena has some serious qualms about continuing her life as a vampire, Stefan and Caroline continue their bloody tour of inhumanity, Damon tries to get Lily to help Stefan, Enzo gets a nasty shock, and Jo drops a serious bomb on Elena and Damon.

Since we nearing the end of Elena’s time on The Vampire Diaries, I suspect that we are seeing the beginning of the end of her arc.  I am fairly certain that she will take the cure and leave the show, possibly (although hopefully not!) with Matt to settle down somewhere far away from vampires and Mystic Falls.  I could, of course, be wrong, so it will be interesting to see.   She is showing some seriously longing for a “normal” life, and Matt is becoming so anti-vampire. that I don’t see the two of them lasting much longer on the show.  I do also have to wonder how the show will look without her, because she has been one of the central characters since it began.  I also wonder if that is why Caroline has become so much more prominent recently and why Jeremy was written out of the show.  They may be trying to pare down the cast for a final season.  I hate to say it, but I think this show has about run its course, so having a definitive final season would be a good thing so that they can wrap up storylines and maybe bring the show back to its glory days.


Stefan and Caroline are quite the nasty couple.  Between the two of them, they managed to populate the hospital with victims.  I did have to laugh at Caroline’s “cheating” at the beginning of the episode.  I do have to agree with Stefan, using compulsion to scare someone to death is definitely cheating.  It was worth it for the moment when Matt and Tyler walked in on her singing karaoke.  Unfortunately for Caroline, Damon managed to coach Lily in what to say to Stefan to get his humanity turned back on.  The only question is if Stefan can manage to turn Caroline’s humanity back on.  Given her rampage the last time they tried to turn it back on, I am not sure if his plan we saw in the preview for next week will work.

The Vampire Diaries - Episode 6.18 - I Could Never Love Like That - First Look at Enzo’s past

So, Lily turned Enzo into a vampire.  That makes him and the Salvatores brothers, well sort of brothers.  She is Enzo’s vampiric “mother” after all.  I’m not sure how he will react when he finds out exactly who Lily is.  He might have figured it out already, which may have been why he chose to let Sarah go, but until they actually say he’s figured it out, I’m assuming he still doesn’t know yet.


Turns out Lily’s vampiric family are actually a group of vampire magic leeches.  As Jo said, think Kai with vampiric bloodlust and a serious grudge against the Gemini Coven.  I do hope that at least one of them is as much fun as Kai was, because I seriously miss him.  My only question is that I still don’t quite get how vampires can access magic.  We know that witches can’t be vampires because they cannot be two magical creatures at the same time, the same reason Bonnie couldn’t be a witch and the anchor at the same time and why Elena can’t be the vampire and the Petrova Doppelganger at the same time.  I also get that vampires are magical creatures, but how can magical leeches also be vampires?  That seems to violate the rules that have been followed pretty scrupulously so far.  I really hope for a better explanation and fast.

For the next couple of weeks, my reviews for the show will be a little late because I will be at a conference and then on vacation, so please be patient because they will come out, I promise.

Until then!