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The Vampire Diaries “I Carry Your Heart With Me”

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Damon frantically tries to fix the problem caused by Veronica last week, Bonnie works with Alaric to bring Jo back, Nora and Mary Louise have a fight, and Enzo finds out about Julian.

I was very surprised that Damon allowed Tyler to take Elena away tonight just after he got her back. I approve and think it is a big step for him, but I was still surprised. After all the time and effort he went through to get her back after ripping out Malcolm’s heart a few weeks ago. What I was not surprised about was the how focused he was tonight trying to bring Oscar back after Veronica killed him. When he really wants something, he can be very focused. I was a little annoyed at Stefan when he blamed Damon for what happened. While kidnapping Oscar was probably not the best idea, Damon would never have actually harmed him because that would have caused Lily to use Elena as retribution and Damon would never knowingly put Elena in harm’s way.


I was definitely surprised that Bonnie was going along with what Alaric wanted. Then again, I suspect that part of the reason she took it as far as she did is that she needed to bring back Oscar in order to get Elena back. It’s hard to believe the number of spells she had to try before that shamanic ritual worked. I am just worried about what the repercussions will be to bringing Jo and Oscar back. I thought that Oscar’s bloodlust was a consequence of his being brought back, but given that he is a Ripper like Stefan and Lily, I am not sure if that is the case.


Stefan and Caroline’s plan could have backfired in some spectacular ways. Fortunately for them, it didn’t. Kidnapping Mary Louise to force Nora to siphon off the spell Veronica put on Caroline? Severely risky. And given the fact that the Heretics seem to hold grudges, that could seriously come back to bite them on the ass at some point. I really hope that Caroline got what was bothering her about Veronica out of her system now. I do worry that Stefan may be in denial about Veronica, but at least the two of them can touch now.

Enzo knows about Julian now and doesn’t seem pleased about Lily wanting to bring him back. Given what we saw last week, I don’t think having him back is a good thing either. I hope that the Heretics now having use of their magic will help them to keep him in his place. Unfortunately, Lily seems so be blind to all of his faults, which complicates matters. If they make a move against him, she may take it personally, which is not a good thing.


I do hope Mary Louise manages to adapt to the modern world the way Nora has. Otherwise, I suspect that they will continue to experience issues in their relationship. The two of them obviously care deeply about each other, which is nice to see.

I found it hard to have much sympathy for the tour director or the people on the tour. While no one deserves to be slaughtered the way they were, if a place is quarantined, it is definitely prudent to avoid the area as much as possible. Speaking of humans, the show needs to either start giving Matt something serious to do or just drop him. It’s really annoying to have him show up for a few minutes in an episode before disappearing again. I feel bad for poor Zach because it seems like what he does could be done by almost anyone.

Until next week!