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The Vampire Diaries “Hold Me Thrill Me, Kiss Me”

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We get a quick glimpse of who is threatening the Salvatores in the future, Lily and the Heretics makes a choice, Caroline makes a confession, and it’s the end of the line for one character…

Goodbye Lily. Not sure whether or not I’ll miss her yet. You have to admit that she did her damnedest to make sure that her sons and the Heretics were safe. Unfortunately for her, Mary Louise had already delinked her and Julian when she staked herself, which meant that her sacrifice was all for naught. I am glad that she stood up for herself and her children at last. Sadly, that didn’t seem to make an immediate difference to Damon, who was just to hurt and angry to acknowledge what Lily had done. Not that I can really blame him, after all she did separate him from Elena, which is going to make him seriously cranky.

I’d feel sorry for Mary Louise, except for the fact that Nora returned her ring because she sided with Julian over the other Heretics. I’ll grant that Valerie is not the most reliable person, but when she saw Nora and Beau go with her, you’d think she might have considered that Valerie was telling the truth. I don’t know if this means that Nora and Mary Louise are over, but they are going to have a rough time. Now that Lily is gone, I am not sure if the truce she negotiated with her sons is going to hold. Unless Julian will keep it in her honor, I don’t see it lasting and that is bad news for everyone. The Heretics are tremendously powerful and I don’t think the brothers can stand up to them. This is not going to be good.


It was nice that Stefan and Caroline seemingly managed to patch things up relatively quickly. Caroline dropped a rather massive bomb on him and his reaction, while not awful, wasn’t exactly encouraging either. In all fairness to Stefan, he really needed time to process everything. It’s not every day you find out your girlfriend is magically pregnant with another couple’s twins. So can anyone really blame him for not being sure what to say? It was nice to see him and Lily have a good conversation where she helped him work his way through what was going on.

Actually, now that I think about it, I have to wonder if Caroline’s being pregnant with the last of the Gemini Coven will help keep the peace. Granted, the Coven didn’t treat the Heretics well, but this could be their chance to set that straight and start over with the new Coven. Admittedly, it is equally likely that the news that the last of the Coven is in her could set them off given the way they were treated. Talk about a complicated situation.

So Matt has started (or found?) a new group to help him protect humans in Mystic Falls. Given the trouble that secret groups have given everyone in the past, I have to wonder why he is willing to work with a new one now.

And who is the mystery woman who has Damon? She has a nasty kick and shoulder length (at least) hair which looked pretty dark. I didn’t recognize the voice right off hand, so she is still a mystery to me.

Next week is the mid-season finale. See y’all then!