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Damon reveals the truth about Bonnie, Elena makes a decision about her love life, Stefan talks with Caroline, and we have a new contender for most screwed up family ever…

Well, everyone now knows that Bonnie is still alive in Kai’s hell. Astonishingly, no one seemed particularly upset that Damon didn’t mention that he was with Bonnie, but we haven’t seen Jeremy react yet, so that could change. Everyone seemed to appreciate that Damon actually thought she was dead and that is why he didn’t reveal that she was there with him. That is a sign of progress for everyone, so that is good.


Speaking of Bonnie, that poor girl had a rotten day. Not only did she have to eat dinner with a psychopath, but also she then got herself stabbed in the gut because he got his hands on his sister’s magic (more on that in a moment) and only needed her blood. And then he took the car he promised her, leaving her stranded in Portland (presumably Oregon, but they never actually said). Yeah, her life pretty much sucks at the moment.


Jo is (as I predicted last week) Kai’s sister. What I didn’t expect was the revelation that they are twins and that Liv and Luke are their siblings. Turns out the Gemini coven is led by a twin. When the twins up for the leadership reach their 22nd birthday, they merge their powers and the stronger one survives with both of their powers while the weaker one dies. Kai wanted to be the leader and he wasn’t eligible, so he went to kill Luke and Liv, but failed because Jo protected them. She then put her magic into a knife and hid it. That is the magic Kai got and the reason he went to Portland. Oh, and when Jo’s dad found out that Damon wanted to bring Bonnie back, he decided to do a spell to kill Jo so that Kai couldn’t merge with her. And Jo used Kai’s desire to merge with her to lure him into the woods so that their dad could send him to the hell. Definitely contenders for the most screwed up family tree.


You had to feel for Elena. She has a good thing going with Liam, but he is getting too inquisitive and doesn’t seem to be handling the whole supernatural thing very well, so Elena decided to compel him to forget all about her. In his defense, she didn’t exactly give him time to adjust before compelling him. Regardless, I do think it was the right move because, while nice, he just didn’t seem to fit in well. Elena also made the decision that she wants to get Bonnie back and is starting to reconnect with Damon as a friend, particularly after seeing that he does truly miss Bonnie himself.


Stefan and Caroline also seem to be on a good path. He acknowledged why he pushed her away and seemed to hold out hope that there might be something in their future. Not everything Caroline was hoping for, but it is definitely better than nothing, so there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel for Steroline.

Not quite sure what to make of Tyler and Liv. She is making him almost tolerable to me, which is a miracle given how much I dislike him. He definitely cares about her and will help her if he can, so maybe he is redeemable.

I’ll see y’all in two weeks. Have a great Thanksgiving!