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Shocker number 1: Alaric is Caroline’s fiancée! Throw in shocker #2: Caroline is pregnant with the twins that Jo was carrying when Kai came back and destroyed the Gemini coven, and you get Exorcist level head spinning going on. Turns out that when Kai attacked at the end of last season, the Gemini coven decided to make sure that the next generation of twins would survive, so they magically moved the twins from Jo to Caroline in order to protect them from Kai. So now, Caroline is carrying Alaric and Jo’s twins. As far as an explanation to explain Caroline’s body changing due to Candice’s actual pregnancy, it is very creative and quite a good idea. It would be virtually impossible to write her off the series for any length of time and it would be hard to hide the fact that she is pregnant, so they needed to do something. As a retcon, it works, so kudos!

Stefan has seriously lost his mind where Julian is concerned. I totally get his desire to kill Julian given what Julian did to Valerie, but he does need to calm down and take a breath. Attacking Julian at the party was a very Damon-like move and not at all smart. It was weird watching Damon be the sensible brother, even if Damon’s sensibleness was only because he wanted to make Lily suffer as much as he could, which meant waiting for a while before killing Julian.

I was impressed that Lily stood up to Julian and really laid down the law where her sons are concerned. She was not going to let him kill her sons regardless of the provocation. She also doesn’t get that Stefan wasn’t aiming his wrath at her via Julian, which may have helped. I have to wonder how she’ll react when she finds out that Julian killed her grandchildren in Valerie’s womb. It may not be enough to turn her against Julian, but it will cause a rift, that I am sure of.

Jo’s body is gone. Turns out that a human body can’t host a vampire’s soul for very long before dying. At least Alaric got the chance to say good bye this time, which was one of the more heart-breaking scenes in Vampire Diaries history. He needed to be able to say goodbye, and he got his chance. It was funny watching “Jo” trying to read a computer like a book in the background as Bonnie was talking to Alaric on the phone. RIP sweetie.


They really need to just write Matt out of the series at this point because it is really obvious that he is never really going to get a decent storyline. I don’t see them turning him into a vampire and he doesn’t do anything, so please just put him out of his misery at this point. Either that or give him some nice, juicy storyline that will allow him to do something meaningful. I love the character and Zach, but he is being given such a short shrift that it would be better to just have him disappear.

Tonight Bonnie and Enzo took their first steps towards getting together. Attending the party together was smart and Bonnie twigged into the real reason Enzo wanted her with him and took advantage of the situation to try and make Lily jealous. That was interesting. I do want to know what is up with the classroom of compelled zombie-like people. The explanation is not going to be good methinks.

Until next week!