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Stefan works to restore Caroline’s humanity, Damon struggles with conflicting demands from his mother and Bonnie, and Enzo confronts Lily about leaving him….

Stefan’s plan to restore Caroline’s humanity was not a half bad plan.  Starve her and then use vampire mind powers to show her a memory from the end of her mother’s life.  I was a little surprised that she didn’t see through him earlier, because he was being kind of obvious about everything.  Either she was too blinded by what she wanted (i.e. him) or she wanted him to be like her.  Maybe it was both.  Either way, he did manage to get her to turn her humanity back on with that memory of her mother.  I wonder what exactly that letter said.  I am surprised that none of them read the letter first and maybe make a copy.  Given Caroline’s desire to keep her humanity turned off, destroying the letter was a fairly obvious move on her part.  Having a copy around as back up would have been a very logical and obvious option.


Damon has had an interesting few weeks.  When he was with Bonnie, he could focus exclusively on her, but now he has to worry about Elena and his mother.  I do wish Bonnie would keep that in mind.  Damon obviously cares about her, but he cares about Elena even more and Bonnie knows that.  The way she’s acting, you’d think that she has feelings for him and is hurt by the fact that he is putting Elena first.  Everything he has done in the past few years has been to help Elena and get her what she wants.  I understand that Bonnie finally wants to put herself first; and I think it’s a good thing; but she does need to keep in mind that where Damon is concerned, Elena will always come first.  I was *VERY* surprised when he offered to take the cure with her so that they would both become human.  I get that he wants to be with her, but I wonder how he’ll be as a human.


Watching Enzo with Lily was sort of interesting.  He has been living his unlife feeling betrayed by his creator, but now she’s back and he knows the truth about where she was.  I do wonder if he was including himself when he told her that she had family in Mystic Falls and didn’t need to have the Heretics as her family or if he was just talking about Stefan and Damon.  He feels like he’s been betrayed and sees the same thing in Lily.  Then you have the fact that she went all Ripper on that motorist.  That was not a good thing.  I wonder how often she’ll lose control that way.


The rest of the episode was small snippets of Alaric and Jo planning their wedding, and Matt dealing with what happened to him last week.

I wanted to spend the rest of this review talking about my hope for the remainder of the season and next season.  There are only three episodes left in the season and then Elena leaves and I think it’s a good time to talk about it.  First off, I have to say that I have been more than a little disappointed in this season, as you can probably tell from the decreasing length of my reviews.  Frankly, it is getting harder and harder for me to have enough interest in the show to write a decent review.  Having Kai around helped the show *A LOT*.  He was a fun and interesting villain who they got rid of way too quickly.  They need to come up with a new and interesting villain for the next season.  They also need to figure out how to use some of the characters a lot more successfully.  For years, Matt, Bonnie, and (when he was on the show) Jeremy have been used as plot devices more than anything else.  They are all good actors and the characters have been ill served by the endless romantic triangles involving Elena and the Salvatores.  Honestly, I think that the next season should be the last season and they should try to end on a high note.  With Elena and Tyler both gone, they should concentrate on having a strong Big Bad and doing some serious development for Bonnie.

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